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Attic Cleanup - Remove Wildlife Waste & Poop

7.18.2006 - In the above photo I'm spraying the attic with my atomizer to destroy the animal waste. I usually wear a biohazard suit, but this attic was about 150 degrees in the Orlando July, so I skipped it. Not a good idea, but I showered immediately afterward, and I always wear my HEPA filter mask. This attic had rats, and the brown chipped insulation, which meant that I couldn't see all the droppings very well, nor vacuum them. This fogging machine, also called an atomizer, sprays my cleaning solution in a fine mist that permeates the entire attic, and makes certain attic cleanup scenarios easy. In a case like this, with rat droppings and urine, but for which the homeowner did not want total insulation replacement, the enzyme-based cleaner in the atomizer does a good job of breaking down and sanitizing the contaminated areas of the attic. If your attic has wildlife waste or animal poop, then this is one method that can kill harmful pathogens along with the odor. It's important to kill the animal odor because it can attract new wildlife.

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Clean raccoon droppings from insulation- It is very important to clean raccoon droppings from insulation when you are handling the aftermath from a nuisance raccoon. Insulation is made of many small fibers and it will hold on to tiny particles of poop and urine. You cannot leave the insulation in the building; it must be removed. Taking it out and shaking it off is also not acceptable. Smell is actually the least of your worries when it comes to dirty insulation. Raccoon feces and urine is known to harbor disease. In an attic, insulation might not dry quickly or at all. You are taking the risk of having airborne illnesses like leptospirosis and Hantavirus thriving in the dirty insulation. These particles can both be fatal, and it only takes one breath of particles to infect your body. Some animals are also attracted to the smell of raccoon waste. Even though you might not be able to smell it, the odor of fecal material will be noted by other critters. There?s no rules that says a new animal won?t move in if the old animal is gone. This is why, in addition to cleaning your home, you need to seal up the holes in the exterior of the building.

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