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Removal of a Critter in the Attic

04.05.2006 - Sean and I went to this home today because the customer was hearing noises above his head, and he suspected that he had a critter in his attic.  We climbed the garage ladder hatch and entered the attic, with gloves, headlamps, and dust masks, as usual, and began our inspection.  We found plenty of tracks and opossum droppings, so we knew what critter we were dealing with.  Most of the time, we never actually spot the animals in the attic.  They quietly hide in the deepest darkest corners when they sense a potential danger, and they are tough to find.  That's no problem, because we just set traps for them.

But in this case, I heard Sean yell, "There it is!' and sure enough, after some scampering and thumping, I saw him come marching back from a corner of the attic with a critter in hand.  It was an opossum, which is one of the few animals that can be easily caught by hand - because it's slow, and held, because it has that strong prehensile tail.  Sean was most pleased with himself.  We put the animal in a holding trap and brought it down to the customer, who assumed that this is the way it always goes - critter in the attic, critter catcher pros go up there and grab it and come out.  If only they were all so easy!  Then again, to see Sean wrestle with this thing in the attic, I guess it wasn't so easy after all.

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Removing opossum from your house – identifying the culprit - Do you have some kind of wild animal making its home in your home and driving you crazy? Obviously, if this is the case, you are going to want to do something about it, but in reality, you are going to need to know which kind of animal you are dealing with before you take steps to effectively remove the creature. Trapping any kind of animal takes the same kind of steps, but with regards to releasing the creature, or figuring out what to do with it after you have caught it, as well as things such as trap placement and bait will all very much depend on the kind of animal that you are dealing with.

If you think you have an opossum in your home then you will need to identify that this is, indeed, the culprit. This means that you are going to do some investigative work, and one of the first things that you should look towards is to listen out for the sounds that the animal is making. With an opossum, you are likely to hear chattering of a mother opossum to her babies, males barking and fighting, and general scuffling as the creature makes itself comfortable in the depths of your home.

Another thing that you are going to want to take a look at is the poop that the animal is leaving behind. If you have an opossum, the poop is going to look very similar to that of a dog's, which means that you should think very carefully before you berate your puppy for pooping in the home! You may also find that the opossum is leaving poop on the driveway and in the yard, as well as on the roof which could end up in your guttering.

The urine is another common factor with an opossum, and you will usually find that this stains the materials that it comes into contact with. The walls could appear to have a dripping brown fluid, and you may also realize that there are stains in your ceiling from the opossum living above it.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways in which you can identify the opossum but the ones mentioned here are possible the best places for you to start.

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