Dead Critter Under the Bathtub


8.13.2005 - I know some folks consider it morbid, the way I photograph and write about dead animal carcass removal. But it's something that I do, and I do it very well, and when people need my services, they NEED my services. I was very proud of this dead animal removal, and I don't become proud over much. I'm not all that proud of my college degree or my boxing or swimming trophies or any of that, but man, this dead animal removal kicked ass

First of all, the homeowner had already called out THREE different companies before me. All the big names around here - the big wildlife companies that advertise the biggest and best services, and of course these companies charged a hell of a lot of money just to come out and fail.

Then I came out, and sure enough, it was a very difficult job. I searched for almost two hours. The home really smelled bad, but there was no way to pinpoint the source of the odor. I sniffed my freaking nose off at this place. I knew that there was a chance that it was a dead animal under the bathtub, since opossums will often crawl under a house and up the gap around the drainage pipe and under the tub. However, the perimeter of the tub was surrounded by bathroom tile. I'll make the story short: after many attempts and a hell of a lot of persistence, I drilled an exploratory hole into the area from a different room and found a live maggot, which is all I needed. I used my telescoping inspection mirrors and fiber optic scopes and best saws and got the damn thing. Here it is, as shown above in the photo. No one else would have gotten this dead animal. I mean, few people on earth. So anyway, I removed it, disinfected, and fixed the hole. I feel justified in my bragging.

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If you have a dead critter in your house, the job may be simple, or it might be complex. A few moments of sniffing around will tell you. If you don't find it within ten minutes, prepare for a long and difficult search, involving cutting open your house.

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Let's talk about a disturbing scenario.

There are plenty of creatures who have no problem getting into your home through a crack in piping or swimming up your sewer pipes. That's why it's entirely possible that you have a dead critter under your bathtub.

There are a few main types of creatures that can infest your bathroom and be the cause of the stench under your bathtub.

1. Mice and Rats

A gap the size of a nickel is enough for a mouse to squeeze through and rats have been said to need anywhere from half a dollar to the hole of a pen because they can contort their bodies to fit through most gaps. That's why it's really important to make sure there are no gaps in any of your pipes, or gaps around your pipes and that drainage pipes are covered and sealed.

Rats can also do a terrifying thing - they can swim up a sewage pipe, into your home, jump out of the toilet and make a home in the cozy, slightly damp space under your bathtub. Rats can swim and hold their breath for three days!

How can you tell if you have rats or mice dying and decaying under the bathtub? Look for droppings, piles of ripped up or shredded paper, crumbs, or plastic packaging with holes in it.

2. Frogs

Tree frogs can climb up to the roof of your house and get in through the chimney or a vent pipe that leads to your toilet. Other species of frogs may swim through your sewer pipes and hop out.

3. Snakes

Snakes have been known to slither up toilets, and whilst it's pretty scary, many are not poisonous. However, if you find a dead snake, like most creatures, handle with care but especially if you aren't sure if it really is dead. Just in case it's poisonous, you should call an expert to find out whether the snake is safe to handle or not.

4. Lizards and Salamanders

Pretty small critters, they can squeeze in through gaps and live under your bathtub. They won't smell as bad as larger creatures like an opossum or a big rat, but will still make for an unpleasant experience.

5. Opossums

Large creatures that produce the worst smell of any animal on this list, opossums are famed for their terrible stench. Whatever creature is lurking under your bathtub, it's really important to get rid of it. Not just because it will continue to smell worse but because it's a breeding ground for a whole host of bacteria, diseases, and parasites such as fleas and ticks. Rotting carcasses can produce noxious odors and attract maggots and flies which can spread illnesses.

To find out whatever creature is under your bathtub, you'll just have to get down and have a look. The creature could be under your floorboards. A professional wildlife removal expert can help you by easily finding the creature with the least damage and disruption, removing the animal, cleaning the area, and sealing off points of entry.

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