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America's Deadliest Snake - Most Dangerous Snakes

America's Deadliest Snake

03.05.2007 - Behold! The most dangerous snake in America! The rare Hangman's Snake (constrictus dangleus). It sneaks up on you from behind, latches itself around your neck, and then forces you to choke yourself to death! Sometimes this species gives you a chance to spell out a mystery word, but if you fail to guess the correct letters and solve the puzzle, it attacks. If you spot this snake, stay calm and turn and walk the other way. It primarily lurks around gallows and lynching trees, so beware when entering these habitats.  Should you find yourself amidst an attack from a Hangman's Snake, resist the urge to pull upward, if you can, and then have a friend tell you to quit messing around and leave the poor harmless Corn Snake alone.  That's what I did, which is why I survived.

The actual dangerous snakes in America execute not via hanging, but lethal injection.  The true answer to which species of snake is America's most deadly is the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. 

But the true true answer is "An Eastern Diamondback that you are dumb enough to try to get near, for any reason". Because the truth of the matter is that no snakes in America simply attack for no reason, or even by accident. Pretty much every single case of a snakebite in America occurs when people attempt to catch, or kill, snakes. So you see it's pretty much the people who are hanging themselves. Snakes don't lie in wait to attack you, and if you get near, I guarantee that not a single snake in America will move toward you with any intent of an interaction. Every snake will try to go the other way, because YOU are the actual predator. Even the big, tough, venomous snakes will not approach you. Yes, they will often hold their ground if they feel cornered and know it's their last means of self defense, but no snakes intend to aggressively attack.

I once approached a gigantic 5' Cottonmouth that almost surely could have delivered a lethal bite, and I couldn't get to within ten feet of it when it desperately turned tail and slithered away from me out of fear. But if you corner a snake and it can't get away, and you try to kill it with shovel or gun or whatever, that's when almost all bites occur. So please, just leave snakes alone! If you attempt to catch or kill them for your own "safety", you are essentially doing what I'm doing in the above photo.

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