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Cutting a Dead Squirrel Out of the Wall

03.24.2007 - I smelled a bad smell in this apartment, and I knew it had to be some dead varmint. I walked the house, employing a sniff. I entered the laundry room and got a whiff. I sniffed the walls, I sniffed the ceiling, but it was the floorboard I found most appealing. I leaned on down and felt like a hero, because I knew I'd found ground zero. I got my saw and cut out a square, and was promptly greeted with fragrant air. I reached inside and fished around, and a squishy squirrel is what I found. I bagged it and tagged it and named it Muriel, I said a prayer and made a proper burial. Just kidding. I unceremoniously tossed it in the trash, but not before charging some cold hard cash. I patched the hole with spackle pink, and that was the end of the wall squirrel stink.

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How To Find Dead Squirrels In House - One day your house smells good and the next day it smells of dead squirrel. That is something that happens to a lot of home owners especially when they are closer to wooded areas. If you have that smell throughout the house then you will want to know how to find dead squirrels in house. There really is no secret technique that you cannot do at home that a specialist would do. All that you need to do is follow the best advice and that is simply to follow your nose. If it sounds simple that is because it is indeed very simple.

You should use your nose and it will take you where the scent is strongest and that will be where the dead squirrel is. There is a chance that the dead squirrel is in the wall, so first determine which wall it is in before you start making holes in it to find the squirrel. Also look at places where a squirrel is likely to hide and that includes the rooms that are less trafficked in your home like the attic and the basement. Look for boxes where a squirrel may have nested and look for signs of tampering. That is how to find dead squirrels in house. Next, get them in a plastic bag and dispose of it, disinfecting the area.

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