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Five Lined Skink

Five Lined Skink

06.22.2003 - The Five Lined Skink, (Eumeces fasciatus), also known as the Blue Tail Skink, is a small lizard that lives throughout much of the eastern United States. Skinks are characterized by a lack of neck, a smooth tubular body, and short legs. They squiggle along when they move. As either of their common names imply, this lizard has five bright lines tracing down its back and tail, and the tail is blue. The colors are more pronounced in younger lizards, and can fade with age, particularly in the male lizards. I think this lizard is very pretty. It has the sort of fancy colours more commonly associated with tropical fish. While I spot this lizard from time to time, perhaps 2-3 sightings per year, it is far less common than other small lizards, such as the Green Anole. This lizard certainly does not pose any threat or problem to people, and of course I've never received a call to remove one - though I wouldn't put this past some people, who unnecessarily hate all reptiles. If you see this colorful little lizard, consider it a treat!

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