Florida Armadillo Control

09.27.2006 - Here's a nice blurry shot of my friend Tim and I with some armadillos that we caught today. They've been very active lately, digging large burrows under homes. Most armadillos that I deal with tend to dig underneath homes. However, in this particular case, the armadillos were digging under a deck. They must have moved about 500 square feet of dirt in this case. The mound of sand/dirt outside the tunnel was simply huge. We had to work to climb over it. The homeowner didn't want the armadillos because they removed so much dirt out from under the deck, and the floorboards were sagging. The animals were also driving the dogs crazy, and the dirt covered much of the landscaping. Tim and I set three traps, in the secret manner that we do, and we caught them. Trapping and removal is really the best method of armadillo control in Florida. There's no other good tactics. If the homeowner had simply tried to fill the hole in, they'd have dug it right back up again. There are no effective repellents to keep them away.

This case was rare, in that both armadillos were caught on the same night at the same site. I believe it may have been a mating pair, but I'm not sure. The homeowner sure thought so. I don't know all of the specifics of armadillo reproduction. I do know that the embryo always splits into four, creating four identical twins. I also recall reading at some point that armadillos employ delayed fertilization. I've also read that, due to the shell, they actually mate missionary-style. I have not verified this with my own eyes. Okay, I just read up on it, and sometimes the implantation of the fertilized egg is delayed. Gestation is about five months.

So we removed the armadillos and at the end of the day, set the self-timer on the camera, and took the photo. Alas, the camera did not focus on us, so we are blurry. But that's okay. Pretend that you are an armadillo. Your vision is so bad, that this is what all things look like to you. Now, go outside and dig up a grub. I know you have the urge.

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While the armadillo doesn’t appear to be a part of the harmful wildlife, they may still inflict damage to your property. Generally, armadillos are characterized by the holes they will leave on the ground –which they will use as shelter. Depending on their size, these holes range from coffee-can sized ones to as small as a tennis ball.

If you live in the Florida area and find an odd number of holes in your yard, then it may be because an armadillo population is nearby. The armadillo uses their claws to dig for both their food and shelter. Unfortunately, this is mainly alarming because they end up digging deep holes under your home. When this happens, the structure of the home may potentially fall apart.

It can turn into a serious problem if it is prolonged without taking any preventive measures. But unlike the common rat or squirrel, an armadillo isn’t something you would encounter every day. Luckily, there are armadillo control services available in Florida.

The moment you notice these odd holes on your property, get in touch with professionals as soon as you can. There’s no telling how long the armadillos have been staying on your property, how many they are, or even how deep they have already dug through.

Take note that while it can be a surprise to find so many holes in the ground, covering them up before the confirmation of armadillos in the property and before they are taken out may inflict further damage. By blocking off their entry point while they remain inside, they may try to find another way out –which will encourage their digging and cause them to possibly go even deeper.

Armadillo control services that are available in Florida make sure to trap wildlife humanely. It starts with examining the holes and identifying which ones are caused by the digging of an armadillo. They follow a certain process and utilize different equipment to get the armadillos out of the holes and into the cages to get removed or transported. Armadillo prevention is applied after this as well.

While you can try to repel the armadillos, the most effective method to rid them off your property completely is by having them trapped and removed. This will be much more effective when followed by different preventive measures to make sure that the armadillos will not find their way back to your home.

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