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Little Raccoon

04.02.2006 - No real point to this blog post except to show off this cute photo of Sean with an adorable little raccoon.  It was one of a litter of baby raccoons, perhaps six weeks old, that we removed from an attic earlier today.  We are keeping them in a box, and feeding them kitty formula, and then tomorrow we will bring them to Lee the wildlife rehabber, and she will raise them until they are large enough to fend for themselves.

Raccoons like this one are almost hypnotic in their captivating power to leave their handlers entranced for hours on end, with their little black masks and little cooing and chirping sounds.  I almost forget that they grow up into big raccoons that tear open roofs.  It is pretty cool that raccoons, both young and old, tend to be fairly fearless.

Little raccoon, so adorable, perched between Sean's fingers.  Little raccoon it wouldn't be horrible, if you there forever lingered.  I can gaze into your purple eyes, your claw tipped hands of unusual size, your ringy tail, your little black nose, you never fail to inspire prose, you little raccoon, so very sweet, you'll make a sandwich of raccoon meat.

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