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How to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic

mice in attic

07.28.2004 - Most people object to mice in the attic because they hear the noises of the mice every night, running around in the attic, and scratching. Mice also chew on wires or pipes, and they defecate and urinate a lot, and can spread disease. With time, they can destroy an attic and make it unsanitary, and they eventually come down the walls and find a way into the house, where they'll break into the pantry and chew on and contaminate food. The sooner the problem is solved, the better. I'm going to examine the steps necessary to getting rid of mice in the attic:

Home Inspection - First of all, inspect your home to find out how the little buggers are getting inside! They can climb any surface, so you have to check every square inch of your home. They can get into any gap in the architecture, and like to use vents, plumbing stacks, and many other areas. The eave gap, where a soffit meets a roof, is a popular spot, and an easy way into the attic.

Seal Entry Points - The most important step! You have to seal shut every single last entry point, or the problem will never go away! No other step is as important as this one. As long as the mice still have a way in, you'll have the problem.

Trap and Remove Mice - In the above photo, you can see mouse trapping in a heavily infested attic. This job was somewhat daunting due to the high amount of mouse activity in the attic, including mouse trails, droppings, and chewing. I set 20 snap traps in this attic, and caught about 20 mice over the course of four service trips. The key to successful trapping is to set the traps on the runways that the mice use. On this job, they were travelling on the ductwork, as seen above, so that was an area in which I concentrated my trap sets.

Clean Attic - Mice are attracted to the scent of other mice, so it's important to clean and deodorize the attic. This will make it less attractive to mice. If you've had a heavy infestation, the scent will call in new mice, who will work to chew their way into the attic. An attic decon also kills the parasites and pathogens associated with mice in the attic.

Poison? - No, poison is a bad idea. It does not kill all of the mice, and if you don't seal the home as prescribed, your problem will never be solved. Plus, I consider poison inhumane, because it causes a suffering death, unlike the instant death from snap traps. Also, I removed all of these mice carcasses from the attic. If you use poison, the mice will die somewhere in the attic or walls, and even though they are small, they will create a big odor problem.

A proper mouse control job often requires the skill and experience of an expert. That's why I do my job as I do, and offer a full guarantee on my work, as do all reputable wildlife removal experts. Getting rid of mice in the attic requires experience and an eye for detail.

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