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Florida Ringneck Snake

9.20.2006 - The Florida Ringneck Snake is one of the most commonly removed nuisance snakes in the state of Florida. Of course, it's as harmless as an earthworm. The reason I encounter this snake so often is because it is not only common, but small - and thus it commonly squirms through very small gaps and into houses. It is the single most commonly encountered snake inside the home here in FL. Snakes explore their habitat, and often squirm through small gaps, and thus it often finds small holes under doors or other areas, and slithers into a house, and then can't find its way out. That's when the nervous homeowner sees it and freaks out and calls me. But the truth with this snake is that I need not come to the rescue. This snake is very docile, would never bite, and if it did, its teeth are too small to even break skin. They are totally harmless.

The species name is Southern Ringneck Snake, Diadophis punctatus punctatus. It is very small, rarely reaching more than a foot long. The baby snakes, which hatch from eggs, are extremely tiny, and about only four inches long. Believe it or not, I've had customers call me to remove snakes this tiny! Some people sure are cowardly when it comes to snakes, especially inside the home. The snakes are shiny black, with a bright orange or reddish belly, and a ring around the neck, thus giving it its name.

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