Handling dead animals trapped inside the air conditioning ductwork

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Calls for dead animals in the home is on the increase and has been for a few years now. One of the most popular spots for thee critters to get stuck seems to be the air conditioning ductwork, but there are plenty of hard-hit spots around your home or commercial property that could also come under attack. The air conditioning ductwork or vents are actually not likely to be the source of the problem, and that's often what makes finding the carcass to remove it quite difficult.

Although animals CAN die in the air conditioning ductwork, there's a higher chance that it will have died somewhere else in your home, but the air conditioning or heating system is pushing the smell around the building. You will usually find that wild animals die in places such as crawl spaces, attics, basements, under porches and decking, as well as under the home itself. It looks as if the culprit may be in the units, because when you turn them on, that's when the smell gets bad. That would happen regardless of where the critter was though, and thorough inspections usually suggest the creature is somewhere else entirely.

You will actually need to use your nose in order to find the source of the stench, but that's not easy when the stench is being thrown all around your house. Looking at the most common spots (the places we have just mentioned) is a good place to start, but keep your eyes peeled for all signs of animal invasion. Even things such as urine, feces, and food crumbs can point you in the right direction.

If you have done that, following the signs and using the most commonly hit spots as your starting point, but you still have no idea where the stench is coming from, we would recommend calling in the experts. All the time the body is left to decompose, the smell will just get worse around your home. It will get even more smelly when you turn the heating or air con on, and if the temperature rises, such as in summer. At the same time, you will attract flies, plus a whole bunch of other nasty things that you don't want to invite into your home.

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