Steps To Take if You Find a Dead Deer Outside

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To be fair, there isn't very much to relish about a dead animal being on your property. A dead animal is never going to be much of a pretty sight, but the kind of world that we live in now has dictated that humans and these wild creatures have to learn how to live in close proximity to one another.

If you have come across a dead deer, either on your property or somewhere else, we do not recommend that you move it yourself. There are disease risks to think about when handling any animal carcass, and deer are quite large animals. They can weigh a lot. We don't want you to hurt yourself in the process, and sometimes, it can be a two (or three) man job.

The most common cause of deer death is collision with a car, so if you find a deer in the street, there's a good chance this is the reason why. If this is the case, you may need a large vehicle, such as a trailer, to come and remove it. In this case, we recommend calling the local services or wild animal removal experts.

In some cases, a deer will be hit by a vehicle and then the head removed. This is very selfish, but can happen in places where hunting is rife and antlers are a prize, of sorts. As you can imagine, this is a horrific job and is not one that we would ever tell you to do on your own.

Companies that remove dead deer do tend to charge for their services, unless local authorities have offered to lend a hand. This is generally the case on private property only, however, so deer that are out on public property should be left for authorities to solve. They can't do that unless they know about it, however, so unless you want someone else to see the same sight that you have, do your bit and make that call.

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