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Tampa Bird and Pigeon Control & Removal

Tampa Bird Problems: As with any kind of wild animal, birds can be a nuisance from time to time. The most common nuisance bird in Tampa is the pigeon. Pigeons roost in undesirable areas, such as on buildings, ledges, beams, store signs, etc. The main problem is that they are messy. They nest year-round, and they leave their nesting material on or in buildings. Worst of all of course, are the droppings. They leave pigeon poo everywhere. It's unsightly, unsanitary, and sometimes hazardous to people's health. We specialize in urban pigeon control in Florida. We solve the pigeon problem by preventing the birds from roosting in the areas where they are not wanted. This involves the installation of deterrent devices such as bird spikes and netting. Our pigeon work will keep the birds away, but will not detract from the appearance of the building. Give us a call for more details.   

We also handle a variety of other bird issues, mostly involving stray birds. Examples include birds stuck inside a warehouse or office building, or in a house, a bird stuck in a lenai, or down a chimney, etc.

We are not a free service, and we cannot assist in cases of missing baby birds, injured birds, etc.

All Tampa wildlife removal services are performed by All Pro Wildlife LLC, and based in Tampa FL, serving the entire Tampa Bay area, including Saint Petersburg Critter Pest Control and Clearwater Animal & Wildlife Removal. The owner of All Pro Wildlife trained extensively with the owners of AAAnimal Control, and he has our highest recommendation for wild animal removal work. Like us, All Pro Wildlife is not a pest control or extermination company, but a wildlife removal specialist, dealing only with animals, and not insects. We have a great deal of experience working with bird and pigeons, and are expert Tampa bird and pigeon trappers. We do not provide bird and pigeon extermination, but practice humane removal, as well as control, exclusion, and prevention methods for Tampa bird and pigeon problems. We of course do Clearwater bird and pigeon control and St. Petersburg bird and pigeon removal as well, and service the entire Tampa Bay area including Hillsborough County and Pinellas County. Please call 813.404.7033 any time to discuss your wild critter problem and to schedule an appointment.