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Tampa Raccoon Control & Removal

Tampa Bay Raccoonss: The bay area is full of raccoons! These cute critters, once confined to wild wooded areas, now live in very high densities in cities, particularly in Florida. They eat out of garbage cans, dumpsters, they steal pet food, and some people feed them on purpose. The result is that Tampa has a serious raccoon population problem. These intelligent, strong, and crafty critters can cause all sorts of problems. First and foremost, they commonly live inside attics. Usually it's a female raccoon who is pregnant - she rips open a hole in your roof or eaves, enters the attic, and sets up a den inside. She also poops, pees, rips insulation and wires, etc. She raises the young there, and they make a big mess. We humanely remove all of the baby raccoons, and trap and remove the mom, and relocate them all together. We don't want to hurt raccoons, we just want them out of your house. Once they are gone, we clean up the mess they've left behind and repair the damage they have caused.   

We also do general raccoon trapping for problem raccoons in your yard, under your shed, pooping in your poop, tipping over your garbage cans, etc. Raccoons cause all sorts of problems, and we can safely trap and remove any raccoon in Tampa, Clearwater, or St. Petersburg that is causing trouble.

All Tampa wildlife removal services are performed by All Pro Wildlife LLC, and based in Tampa FL, serving the entire Tampa Bay area, including Saint Petersburg Critter Pest Control and Clearwater Animal & Wildlife Removal. The owner of All Pro Wildlife trained extensively with the owners of AAAnimal Control, and he has our highest recommendation for wild animal removal work. Like us, All Pro Wildlife is not a pest control or extermination company, but a wildlife removal specialist, dealing only with animals, and not insects. We have a great deal of experience working with raccoons, and are expert Tampa raccoon trappers. We do not provide raccoon extermination, but practice humane removal, as well as control, exclusion, and prevention methods for Tampa raccoon problems. We of course do Clearwater raccoon control and St. Petersburg raccoon removal as well, and service the entire Tampa Bay area including Hillsborough County and Pinellas County. Please call 813.404.7033 any time to discuss your wild critter problem and to schedule an appointment.