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Jacksonville Rat Specialists: The Jacksonville Bay area is full of rats! You may not see them, but they're plentiful. They are very shy animals, they stick to the shadows, and they are nocturnal. However, if you've found this page, there's a good chance that you've been seeing the evidence they leave behind, or you've been hearing them. Most people notice that they have rats when they hear the scratching and scurrying up above the ceiling or in the walls, usually at night. A rat infestation in a building could be as few as just two or three rats, or dozens. The rats here in Florida are Roof Rats (rattus rattus) also known as citrus rats. They are amazing climbers, and they love to live inside of buildings. They are of course far more common in city and suburb areas than they are in the wild. They can cause quite a bit of damage inside a home by chewing on wood and wires (and possible food), as well as spread diseases via their urine / droppings.   

We are especially skilled at rat removal. Unlike most Jacksonville Bay pest control businesses, our rat solution is permanent. We don't waste your time and money with a constant quarterly contract to spread a few poison blocks around your attic - what a waste! This solves nothing! All it does is kill about 25% of the rats in your attic, which will then die, rot, and stink. The rest of the rats will continue to infest your home. Our method is to stop them permanently by sealing off every last possible point of entry into the home or building. Once that's done, the remainder are trapped and removed, and the problem solved. It takes skill and experience to do the job right, but we are the best in the Jacksonville area. Give us a call any time, and we will prove it.

If you have any of the above problems or any other conflict or concern with Florida wildlife, give us a call at 904-677-5812. We are happy to listen to your problem, give you a price quote for a solution, and schedule an appointment for same or next-day service. We operate in the greater Jacksonville area, and all of Duval and St. Johns Counties, from Saint Augustine, to Palm Valley, Orange Park, Neptune Beach, Nassauville, and more. We handle squirrels, snakes, rats, raccoons, bats, armadillos, and any nuisance wildlife critters. You can email Wildlife Removal Services, Jax at: jaxwildlife@yahoo.com.

One of our customer cases:

Hi There, I am after some advice if possible please. I am in Jacksonville and have had a rat problem, I think!, for a number of years. I can't find a company like yours anywhere over here, do you have a sister company or can you recommend one?

Anyway the main point of this email is to ask advice on what a dead rat smells like. I have had a really nasty, gassy or rotting kind of smell in the house for a long time. It's the kind of smell that comes and goes, but when you get a whiff, oh boy.. it's gross. I don't know anyone that has ever had this problem or at least is honest enough to talk about it. Exactly what does a dead rat smell like. How do I know if it's rats or some other nasty problem? I know we have rats under the floor cost i have recovered them before now. How do we stop tem getting back in!!

I know it's a cheek asking for free advice, but we are really desperate!

Thanks, in anticipation.

Here was our response: It's very hard to describe a smell. A dead rat smells like almost any other rotting flesh, only more putrid. If you or anyone in the vicinity are trying to use poison to control rats, STOP IMMEDIATELY, because poison will only cause dead rats and bad odor, and it will never solve the problem. New rats will keep coming. You're going to have to hire a company that does what I do, or you are going to have to inspect your building yourself, and seal off all entry points (drill in steel mesh) and then set rat snap traps to trap and remove any rats sealed inside.

We were hired, and got the job done right.  The house did stink of dead rats when we arrived!