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Squirrels in the Attic: This is one of the most common complaints in all of nuisance wildlife control across the country, Jacksonville included. If you hear scurrying and scampering and the pitter-patter of little feet above your head, particularly in the morning and early evening, then you've got squirrels in the attic. This usually happens twice a year - in late summer, and late winter. This is because the Eastern Gray Squirrel has two litters of young per year, at these times. The mother squirrel chews her way into your eaves or attic, and raises the young there. Many people don't even notice when it's just momma sqirrel. But when the babies grow up and start running all over the place, making a real racket, that's when you know that it's time for them to go! They pose a risk to your home, because like all rodents, they chew, often on electrical wires, which poses a fire hazard.   

We remove all of the squirrels from the attic. We perform a full home inspection and find out how the squirrels get in and out. We seal off all of the area, with steel, so they can't chew back in, and we set special traps right on the entry / exit hole and catch every squirrel. We relocate them far away, and we seal up the last hole. We also clean the attic afterward, because once you've got squirrel scent in your attic, new ones will try to chew their way in.

If you have any of the above problems or any other conflict or concern with Florida wildlife, give us a call at 904-677-5812. We are happy to listen to your problem, give you a price quote for a solution, and schedule an appointment for same or next-day service. We operate in the greater Jacksonville area, and all of Duval and St. Johns Counties, from Saint Augustine, to Palm Valley, Orange Park, Neptune Beach, Nassauville, and more. We handle squirrels, snakes, rats, raccoons, bats, armadillos, and any nuisance wildlife critters. You can email Wildlife Removal Services, Jax at: jaxwildlife@yahoo.com.

One of our customer cases:

Hi. David. Thank you for your informative article. We purchased a fairly new chalet in the Jacksonville FL about 2 years ago. I thought I heard fluttering over the roof last year and thought it may have been from a bird's nest on the roof. Then this summer we heard gnawing and saw a red squirrel run down our screen. We blocked an opening we noted in a soffit vent but continued to hear noise. The attic revealed droppings resembling mice droppings so we put some traps out and to our astonishment trapped 2 red squirrels. Our neighbor has continued to place traps for us in our absence and we have had a contractor to inspect for openings etc which he possibly has found, together with a nest in the attic. Bottom line is 3 more were caught and our neighbor questions whether the peanut butter in the traps might not in fact be sending out invitations to squirrels outside the house to come for dinner! So, my question is can an outside squirrel in fact detect such odors from the attic and, if so, what can we then use to trap any remaining squirrels in the attic before trying to get it sealed up so no more get in. There is no close wildlife removal service and a neighbor got charged over a $1,000 this past summer to get one to come in for just possibly a bothersome mouse in the attic ( noise only at night )! Thanks for any help you can provide. Diana

- We removed a mother squirrel and 4 juveniles from her attic.