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To get to this dead opossum, I had to pry up the attic flooboards with a crowbar. This dead raccoon got electrocuted inside the air handler. Worst - smell - ever. Removal of a dead squirrel from an attic. They live up there, they die up there. The rats always seem to die at the very edge of the attic.

I'm very proud to be holding this dead opossum - got it out of the ducts. What's in the bag? Presents for the neighborhood children perhaps? Baby opossums always fall from the attic down the walls. I got three here. To get this opossum, I cut a hole in the wall from inside the kitchen closet.

Yes, this is what a dead possum under a house looks like. This opossum lived and died inside the attic, under the insulation of course. Ho hum, another dead squirrel in the attic - why didn't the homeowner trap first? Those blue/green droppings indicate that some idiot poisoned this rat.

The rat crawled in the back of a stove and got electrocuted. After a long search I got this one out of the breaker box! The only way to get dead rats out of the wall - cut 'em out! Sometimes I have to cut dead rats out of the ceiling.

This living room was unbelievably foul. They waited two weeks before calling. C'mon! Look at the size of this thing! Why did you wait two weeks?! When an opossum dies in the vapor barrier under a mobile home, it sucks. I cut them out of the vapor barrier and then the cheapskates don't pay me.

Here's a wild boar - marinated pork chops for dinner tonight! I'd rather get bitten by this pit-bull than eat it. Did this bobcat die in the desert? No! A local golf course sand trap. How did this catfish die under a house? No water under there, silly.

I had to use a chainsaw and 40 wheelbarrows to remove this dead cow. If a rat dies in your wall, you know who to call. I get them all. Why did this one have to go and die in the ducts? These pigeons died inside the ceiling ducts at a school. No decon requested.

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