Are Foxes Good Options as Pets?

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Did you know that a group of foxes together are known by one of two names — leash or skulk? It seems that people don't actually know that much about foxes, despite their all-of-a-sudden boost on social media. Instagram is the home of weird and wonderful pets and animals, and there are even a few accounts that show this wild species as a pet.

We wouldn’t advise this, of course, as there are many things to take into consideration. You would need to get the fox checked over for rabies to start with, and you won’t want these creature to come in contact with your un-vaccinated pets until that check has happened. Or your kids for that matter. In fact, while we're there, you wouldn't want the fox to come into contact with anyone in your household. Rabies isn’t always obvious in the earliest stages of the infection, and it could bite and transmit rabies, as well as other conditions, without your knowledge. A direct attack will also call for medical intervention to ensure the wound doesn't get infected, and deep wounds may even require stitches. If you haven't had regular tetanus boosters, your doctor may advise this.

As well as diseases such as rabies, foxes will also brings fleas, ticks, mites, and lice into your home, which can affect and irritate your pets as much as they do the same to the human members. These can be very difficult to get rid of in some cases, and cause general discomfort all round. Roundworm can be another problem with foxes, and that'd before you think of things like mange, which can easily be passed on to domesticated dogs, as well as canine hepatitis.

Foxes rarely bite humans ‘in the wild’, but the same can't be said for a wild fox that you bring into your home with the aim of taming it. It is normal behavior for the animal to bite, snap, and play rough. That's what they do in the wild, when surrounded by it's fellow fox-friends and family members. It won't know to act differently around you, despite all of your training and best efforts. Even those with pet foxes who show them off on the internet have admitted that they can be stubborn, determined, and seriously hard work, and DO NOT make for great pets for the average household.

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