Are Raccoons Smart?

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Raccoons are incredibly smart creatures, much smarter than many of us realize. These are animals that have worked out how to do things that no other animal can, including open doors and windows, and, in recent studies, even work out how to use latches on windows. Yes, that’s right. These raccoons are getting smarter, and they’re working out even better and more silent way to break into our homes.

Raccoons have worked out how to knock over a garbage can to knock off the lid and get to the tasty treats inside. They have also learned how to tear open window screens to get into kitchens. They can pull siding away from your homes, vent covers away from their vents, and more. They are not only smart animals, they’re determined, and when it comes to their talents, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Raccoons can run quite fast, for such slumbering and seemingly clumsy animals, and they can also climb very well. You are likely to see these little guys hanging around in trees. They know that trees can help them to get to the roof of your home, and once they’ve got up there, it’s only going to be a matter of time before they have preyed on the weak spots on the upper levels of your home, and worked out which ones give them the greatest success for breaking in.

Raccoons are very smart animals, and definitely not animals to be messed with. If they want to get in your home, they will, and you’ll be leading the way if you have food, shelter or water readily available on your land for them to lap up. Do yourself a favor and ask this question — is your home raccoon proof? Is it raccoon proof enough?

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