Home Remedies To Keep Away Squirrels And Get Rid Of Them

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Commonly seen scampering up trees and known for their fondness for nuts, squirrels are an attractive feature of their natural habitat in the woodlands, but these animals are increasingly being found in urban and suburban such as such as house chimneysareas as well. When they move into a domestic property, usually in the attic, they can prove to be a real nuisance, causing damage as well as the unnerving sound of scampering paws above the living areas. There are several options available to you on how to get rid of these squirrels, and there are many people online who suggest that there are plenty of items around the home that are said to repel these little creatures.

Popular Repellents Found Around The Home

Two of the most common chemicals around the home that are said to repel many animals, including squirrels are mothballs and ammonia, which both have a distinctive strong smell. Other common items that have a strong smell which are also said to repel squirrels are hot peppers and also peppermint oil, some bright lights and some people believe a combination of garlic and jalapeno pepper will also get rid of the problem squirrels. There are also a few more unusual items said to help repel squirrels, such as apple cider vinegar, aspirin and even cat litter said to be successful items when it comes to helping get rid of squirrels from your home.

How To Use These Repellents

Depending on the type of repellent, there are different preparations used, while with items such as ammonia or mothballs they can be left in a bowl in a particular part of your property. Fluids are usually best sprayed through a bottle, to try and spread the fluid over the largest areas, while the chili solutions where the chili has been boiled in the water to infuse it should be left to cool before spraying it. The preparation for aspirin is even stranger, as it is said that you should crush it and then rub this in with peanut butter to be spread around pots and other items in the yard or garden.

Do These Remedies Repel Squirrels?

The truth is that home remedies are not really going to solve your squirrel problem for you, certainly not on a permanent basis, and not in a way that is going to save you at least a little bit of squirrel removal work. It is a pleasant idea to think that just a few squirts of fluid around your home will get rid of pest animals, but the truth is that this is just not going to be effective, and an unpleasant scent won’t overcome the attractions of your home to the squirrel. The same can be said for chemical repellents, which are also ineffective when trying to deal with a squirrel problem.

Alternative Methods Of Keeping Squirrels Away

There are two main ways to get rid of squirrels from your property, and this can be done either through trapping and removing the animals to a location well away from the property, or by exclusion, and both methods will need you to start by surveying the attic to find all of the entry and exit points. With the trapping method, you will then need to seal all but two or three of these exits, and then install a repeater trap over the remaining exit points. Exclusion is similar, but here you can use an exclusion funnel over these exit points, allowing the squirrels out, but not back in again. Once all of the squirrels are removed, make sure you seal the remaining holes to stop them from getting back in permanently.
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