Armadillo Control Techniques

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Armadillos are unusual mammals, with many unique traits. This makes armadillo control an entirely different matter than control of other nuisance wildlife species. First of all, armadillos have a special means of foraging. They are similar to anteaters. They sniff and snuff the ground, smelling out subterranean invertebrates. The primarily feed on earthworms and grubs. This means that if you want to trap armadillos as part of your dillo control plan, that there is no bait that you can place into the trap that is effective. With other animals, such as raccoons or opossums, you can set a variety of foods into the trap, and these ominivorous scavengers will go in and get it. Not so with armadillos. They never eat any surface food. They dig all of their food up.

What Sort Of Bait Catches An Armadillo? There are many experienced armadillo trappers that will have their own special techniques for catching armadillos, but for the majority of people using a cage trap with bait is the simplest approach. The type of bait that individuals will use will also vary, but it is quite difficult to get good bait for armadillos, because their natural diet is only made up of live prey such as worms and underground insects. This is why many trappers will use worms to bait the trap, but the key thing is to hold the bait in the trap, which is usually done by placing the worms in a stocking or similar fine mesh netting fabric. However, it is fair to say that many people won?t be able to locate a good supply of worms, so there are other types of bait that can be used to catch armadillos. One such bait is to use fruit that has been allowed to become over ripe, or some people will also use meat that has become a little spoiled as bait. The problem with using these foods as bait is that they will often attract other animals too, so it is best to ensure that any domestic pets are kept well away.

The armadillos in North America, including those that fill Florida and Texas, are Nine-Banded Armadillos. They have a hard, bony shell covering their entire body, which serves as an effective defense mechanism. The design of this animal has not changed in many millions of years. They're tough little animals! An adult typically grows to about 12 pounds. They have a tiny little head with a tiny mouth on the end of a long snout. The have a long, thin tongue. They have a tiny brain

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