? AAAnimal Control Florida Nuisance Wildlife Prices
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Get a free price quote now! Click your state on the above map, and you will find all our listings for the cites and towns in your state. We service over 500 locations, so we will be able to help you with your wildlife problem in your town. In order to get a free price quote, we need to know your specific wildlife problem. A job trapping skunks outside will be very different from a job removing a mother raccoon with babies inside your attic. Our fees range a great deal, depending on the type of wild animal and the situation. But we are happy to give a price estimate over the phone once we understand your specific critter problem.

Orlando area prices: I used to list prices for all work below, until many competitors started quoting slightly lower prices over the phone, then surprising customers with hidden fees. I don't do that. Give me a call at 407-278-2705, and I will carefully listen to your wildlife problem and give you a phone price quote for same-day or next-day service.

Squirrels/Rats/Raccoons/Opossum in the Attic:
*If the problem is animals in the building/attic, it's 3 trips average, plus repair costs, as such:
Initial Service, Inspection, & Trap Setup Fee
*Initial service fee includes detailed inspection of building, roof, eaves, vents, etc as well as an extremely detailed
attic inspection, in which we diagnose the problem, type of animal(s), and what damage they may have caused.
We then set the appropriate traps, up to 20 or more, to remove the animals.
Each Return Visit To Property
*After we set the traps in the first visit, 1-3 additional trips (usually 2) to the home are required to remove the trapped
animals, inspect and monitor the situation, and relocate the animals 25 miles outside of the city. Each of these trips
requires a great deal of driving. After all of the animals are removed and the entry points sealed, the job is complete.
Damage/Exclusion Repairs
*AAAnimal Control is skilled at a wide variety of damage repair and animal-proofing. This is a vital part of the
process - all of the entry points must be identified and permanently sealed in order to permanently keep all
animals out of the home for good. Please see this page for photos of damage repairs that we have done.

Litter of Baby Raccoons
*Raccoons in the attic nearly always means a mother raccoon with a litter of young.
*This extra fee applies to removal of the litter from an attic.

Raccoons Outside
*Standard per trip fee, lots of driving is required, same-day animal pickup and relocation.
*This is the price for ground-level trapping in cases of unwanted raccoons on property.
*Raccoon damage includes: pooping in pool, breaking into screened area, stealing pet food or garbage, etc.

Opossum Outside
*This is the price for ground-level trapping in cases of unwanted opossum on property.
*Standard service/setup fee, lots of driving is required, same-day animal pickup and relocation.

Armadillos on property
*This is the price for ground-level trapping in cases of unwanted armadillos on property.
*Armadillos will not respond to baits. Experience in setting up special trapping systems is key to capture.

Snake Removal
*Because no traps are set, just a one-time fee applies.
*Price depends upon variables such as availability, driving distance, and situation.

Snake Prevention Service
*To learn more about this process, click here for details.

Trapless Animal Removal
*If a slow/sick/confined animal can be removed in one trip, a one-time fee applies.
*Price depends upon variables such as availability, driving distance, and situation.

Animal in Chimney Flu or Fireplace
*Price includes steel screening of opening to prevent recurrence.

Exclusion Barriers
*This is the price for barriers placed at ground level, into the ground- click for example.

Dead Animal Removal (outside, location known)
*No extra service fee applies, just a flat one-time charge for removal & cremation.
*Spot treatment with Bioshield if necessary to remove odors which may attract other animals.

Dead Animal Removal (location unknown)
*One flat fee. I am the most skilled you will find.
*Dead body is found about 94% of the time, except cases where body location is impossible to reach.
*Odor relief services/devices available in cases of inaccessible body. Please see the dead animal page.

Attic Decontamination with BioShield
*Decontamination/Deodorization recommended for heavily soiled attics (rats, squirrels, raccoons, opossum)
*Price depends upon size of area treated and level of contamination.
Click the attic decontamination page for details.

Bat Colony Exclusion System
*Click here for an explanation of bat job prices.

Late Night Emergency Calls
*All calls requiring immediate service after 9:00 PM constitute emergency cases.
*Certain daytime calls demanding immediate assistance constitute emergency cases.
*Sorry, but I may not always be available for emergency removal service.

Commercial Properties - Fees for commercial properties vary from those listed above for residential work. Factors such as size of building, complexity of work and terms/conditions of property management can all affect the price of work, which is typically (but not always) higher than residential work.

Don't live in the Orlando area? I can handle calls outside of the greater Orlando area (Orange & Seminole County). For details on the pricing of jobs outside of the greater Orlando area, click here.
If you don't live in Orange County FL or Seminole County FL, please find a local trapper in your area to hire. Here are some examples of other areas throughout the country, with other wildlife trappers listed: Maricopa County, AZ - Pima County, AZ - Los Angeles County, CA - Alameda County, CA - Riverside County, CA - Sacramento County, CA - San Diego County, CA - San Francisco County, CA - Santa Clara County, CA - Denver County, CO - Hartford County, CT - Broward County, FL - Duval County, FL - Miami Dade County, FL - Orange County, FL - Hillsborough County, FL - Fulton County, GA - Bibb County, GA - Kane County, IL - Cook County, IL - Marion County, IN - Wyandotte County, KS - Suffolk County, MA - Wayne County, MI - Ingham County, MI - Hennepin County, MN - Greene County, MO - St. Louis County, MO - Union County, NJ - Albany County, NY - Kings County, NY - Monroe County, NY - Onondaga County, NY - Mecklenburg County, NC - Summit County, OH - Hamilton County, OH - Cuyahoga County, OH - Montgomery County, OH - Multnomah County, OR - Marion County, OR - Lehigh County, PA - Dauphin County, PA - Montgomery County, PA - Allegheny County, PA - Knox County, TN - Shelby County, TN - Davidson County, TN - Travis County, TX - Dallas County, TX - Harris County, TX - Collin County, TX - Bexar County, TX - Salt Lake County, UT - Thurston County, WA - King County, WA - Kanawha County, WV - Dane County, WI - Milwaukee County, WI