Seminole County Animal Control, based in Orlando Florida, will only assist in problems involving DOGS and CATS.

As of March 2003, Seminole County Animal Services will not assist in any situation involving wild animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, snakes, etc.

If you have a DOG or a CAT problem, call the county at 407-665-5201

To REPORT a dead animal on the road, or dangerous wildlife, call the sheriff: 407-665-6600

If you have a wildlife issue, and would like to hire us for service, see below. We do charge for our professional services:

To hire us for problems with wild animals, call our wildlife business: 407-278-2705. This is not a free service. Please do not call this number to "report" anything, like alligators or injured birds. If you must "report" an alligator call 1-866-FWC-GATOR, and if you must report an injured bird, call 407-644-0190. For general Central FL wildlife inquiries call FL Fish & Wildlife at 1-888-404-3922. If you have an orphaned baby squirrel or opossum in a box, call 407-260-6137 or 407-568-5138.

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If you have a wildlife problem, call 407-278-2705. This is NOT a free service.

Go to the official Seminole County Animal Services website.

A lot of people in Seminole County don't know where to turn when they have a problem with an animal. They are aware that an animal services exists, but don't know the details. First of all, you can find any government agency in your phone book's blue pages. The white pages are residential, and the yellow pages are commercial or business. Of course, the internet is a fine place to research as well. If you want to call Seminole County Animal Services, the number is 407-665-5201. Remember, they will only assist in cases of dog and cat issues. Thus, if your neighbor has a noisy barking dog, or is mistreating their pet, call Seminole County.

As of March, 2003, Seminole County Services will not assist in any way with issues involving wild animals, such as squirrels, possum, snakes, or armadillos, the seminole county animal services in Florida will not help you, not even loan a trap. If you need assistance with a wildlife concern, you must call a private animal trapping company at 407-278-2705.

What services are offered by Seminole County animal services?

If you have a wildlife problem in your neighborhood, you may often decide to call on the assistance of the Seminole County Animal Control of your local area. These are people that ensure that the pets in the area are not only looked after properly, but also a number of other services to ensure that wild dogs or cats are kept under control, domesticated animals aren?t left abandoned or abused in any way, and can generally keep you clued up when it comes to rules and regulations in your state or Seminole County.

Every state will have a different set of rules and regulations when it comes to pets and wild animals. This is why the Seminole County Animal Control can help you if you have a specific question or problem. For example, in some states it is illegal to trap and then release certain wild animals that you have a problem with, and although a lot of the local Seminole County animal services will not actually respond to the problem themselves, they will normally be able to point you in the direction of someone that can. As a general rule, the local services only really help with domestic cases, such as those with household cats and dogs. The problem with wildlife is that a fully trained professional is most often than not required to deal with the critter in the most effective way ? something that many local authorities do not have the resources available for.

Once upon a time, local services would have been the first port of call for homeowners that had a rather problematic wildlife concern, however, with the increase of strays and wild animals roaming the local streets, they could no longer keep up with the high demand, hence the increased need for wildlife and pest control companies that are regulated by the authorities.

So what exactly will the Seminole County animal services people do for you? In short, they will help you with domesticated animal problems such as emergencies stray dogs or stray cats or kittens, or help with your pet, matching potential new pet owners with their new pets, breed placement groups, pet licensing and even missing pets. They will help find temporary foster style homes for pets that are in need, and can even give you information on local shelters where you can adopt a pet, or begin to look for your own if it has become lost. Most animals that are dealt with by Seminole County Animal Control and shelters are ?run of the mill? pets such as birds, rabbits, cats, dogs, hamsters etc. Very few will deal with things such as lizards and snakes, and this will be a wildlife control company that you will need to speak with, or a specialist pet store or similar.

The Seminole County services will ensure that all vaccinations and licensing regulations are met by owners, and will also help with situations where complaints are made about pets, for example, abuse and neglect.

For more information on what your local Seminole County animal services can do for you, you can check out the various websites and even give them a call if you wanted to. Each Seminole County will offer slightly different services and it would be hard to completely sum up a list of actions and problems that they will be able to help with. If you are in any doubt, always give them a ring as they will be more than willing to help you find what you are looking for.

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