Armadillo Control and Removal

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Armadillo Info:Now here's a crazy critter! The armadillos in Florida are Nine Banded Armadillos. They are not native to Florida, but now they thrive here. They are similar in appearance to anteaters, and their most distinctive trait is their armor. This bony, scaled shell protects it from attacks by predators, which they seem to have few of. Adults are 26-32 inches long including tail, and weigh 10-16 pounds. Armadillos are nocturnal, but on occasion they will forage during the daytime. They eat many insects, or other invertebrates, and some plants, but they seem to love grubs and earthworms most. They are prolific diggers, and often dig in search of insect larvae and earthworms. They generally have poor eyesight, but an excellent sense of smell. They live in underground burrows that they dig, and they often have several in their home range.

Nuisance concerns: Armadillos can and do dig! This is really the only problem they cause. You may wake up to find deep holes throughout your lawn, a result of the armadillo's habit of digging for grubs and earthworms. Florida's sandy soil is ideal to an armadillo, and easy to dig through. Armadillos might also choose to dig a tunnel (burrow) under your deck, porch, shed, or even house. You might suddenly find a large hole next to your house with a lot of dirt piled behind it, about 6-8 inches in diameter. This is an armadillo burrow. They can move quite a bit of dirt, and potentially undermine the stability of a structure if they remove the supporting soil beneath it.

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Armadillos are very unique mammals. The nine-banded armadillo has learned to adapt to many new environments, and it is a great survivor. It has few natural enemies, and as usual, people are their worst enemy. Armadillos are prime candidates for auto strikes, often because of their tendency to jump straight up when frightened. The one thing that people do provide for armadillos is nice lawns that are easy to forage in. Armadillos are no strangers to suburban areas, where they dig under fences and make their nests and tunnels right next to people's homes. Some people get so frustrated with the damage that they want to kill the armadillos, but it need not come to this. You can hire a pro to help you with armadillo removal. If you need armadillo trapping, that is a service that we or any professional wildlife removal company can provide. Armadillo control is not easy for amateurs, because of the unusual behaviors of this animal. There is no such thing as easy armadillo extermination or armadillo pest control that your usual bug spraying man can provide. Furthermore, there are some armadillo repellents sold on the market, but none of them are remotely effective, and many of my customers have tried several of them before calling me. Call any time if you need your armadillo problem taken care of in Orlando, Florida, or click the below link if you live elsewhere in the country.

I know hundreds of trapping companies throughout the south, who can remove armadillos for you. For example, click here if you need Tampa Armadillo Control. If you live anywhere else in Florida, or Texas, or any other state with armadillos, click the above link for my directory of wildlife experts in your town.

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