Pest Control for Armadillos

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Here we see the type of damage that armadillos can cause to your lawn. Armadillos dig for all of their food. Their diet consists primarily of earthworms and grubs. I don't know how they do it, but they have an amazing sense of smell that allows them to locate the invertebrates deep under the soil. Then they dig down into the dirt with their strong claws to dig up the food. In a night of heavy foraging, dillos can cause quite a lot of damage to your yard. This photo is an example of a lawn that has been dug up by armadillos. Some of the holes are small, some are deep, depending on how deep the food - usually an earthworm or grub - is located.

This is the cause of the damage. At night, armadillos are active, snuffing all around in search of food. They can eat all night long, although they usually are only active for about four hours each day. Still, they can dig dozens of holes in every yard that they visit.

The only way to stop the armadillos from digging in your lawn is to trap and remove them. Some armadillo repellants are in fact sold. They are made out of castor oil, which the sellers claim armadillos don't like. However, these repellants don't work very well. I have tested them myself, and have found that they are not effective in keeping armadillos away. The only options are to fence your lawn to keep them out, or to trap and remove them.

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