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We started in Orlando FL in 2003, and now in 2019 have grown to service over 500 cities and towns across the entire United States, servicing 98% of the population. We have a fully trained, licensed wildlife professional ready to help you with your critter problem. Go to our home page and click on the map to contact a wildlife trapper in your town and get a free price quote to solve your wildlife issue. We look forward to hearing from you!

We abide by the following principles:
  • Courtesy and respect for the customer
  • Fast scheduling and on-time arrivals
  • Professional service with attention to detail
  • Complete services, from repairs to cleanup
  • Humane treatment of wild animals
  • Low pricing. Get a price quote in your town.
If you want to learn more about our wildlife removal specialist in your town, visit the home page, or select your home city from this list: - Birmingham-AL - Huntsville-AL - Mobile - Montgomery - Phoenix - Tucson - Little Rock - Anaheim - Los Angeles - Oakland CA - Richmond CA - Riverside CA - Sacramento - San Bernardino - San Diego - San Francisco - San Jose - Colorado Springs - Denver - Fort Collins - Bridgeport - Hartford - Waterbury - Greenwich - Wilmington - Cape Coral - Clearwater - Cape Coral - Coral Springs - Daytona Beach - Fort Lauderdale - Fort Myers - Gainesville - Jacksonville FL - Lakeland - Melbourne - Miami - Naples - Ocala - Orlando - Sarasota - Tallahassee - Tampa - West Palm Beach - Alpharetta - Athens Clarke - Atlanta - Augusta - Columbus-GA - Savannah - Chicago North - Indianapolis - South Bend - Des Moines-IA - Kansas City - Lexington Fayette - Louisville-KY - Baton Rouge - New Orleans - Shreveport - Annapolis - Baltimore - Boston - Lowell - Springfield-MA - Ann Arbor - Detroit - Grand Rapids - Greater Lansing - Kalamazoo - Minneapolis - St. Cloud - St. Paul - Jackson-MS - Kansas City-MO - St. Louis - Las Vegas - Bergen County - Camden - Elizabeth-NJ - Hackensack - Jersey City - Newark-NJ - Passaic County - Paterson - Trenton - Albuquerque - Albany - Buffalo - Nassau County - New York City - Rochester - Suffolk County - Long Island - Syracuse-NY - Charlotte - Durham - Fayetteville-NC - Greensboro - Raleigh - Winston Salem - Akron - Cincinnati - Cleveland-OH - Columbus-OH - Dayton - Toledo - Springfield OH - Oklahoma City - Tulsa - Eugene - Portland-OR - Allentown - Harrisburg - Philadelphia - Pittsburgh - Scranton - Providence - Charleston - Columbia-SC - Greenville - Spartanburg - Myrtle Beach - Chattanooga - Clarksville-TN - Columbia-TN - Knoxville - Memphis - Nashville - Arlington-TX - Austin-TX - Dallas-TX - Fort Worth - Houston - Plano - San Antonio - Waco - Salt Lake City - Springfield-VT - Alexandria - Arlington-VA - Charlottesville - Norfolk-VA - Richmond-VA - Virginia Beach - Washington DC - Olympia - Seattle - Spokane - Charleston WV - Green Bay - Madison-WI - Milwaukee - Toronto

Read below to learn about our original team in Orlando FL, who can provide you with excellent service in central FL.

AAAnimal Control in Orlando - Meet the Team!

Brendan: Evenings, weekends, holidays, or any time, he answers his phone 24/7, and is always available to arrive quickly to do high quality wildlife control work throughout all of Orlando. Specializing in animal extraction from buildings, and attic restorations and cleanouts, with full insulation replacement.

Ben: Trained personally for 6 months with David, and has worked extensively with Gregg and Kris. If you have Ben come to your house, prepare for a treat! He's probably the best of the lot in terms of careful work, and he never misses an animal entry hole. He loves to crawl under the dirtiest of homes and the hottest, tightest attics. A pleasure of a person to talk to, he'll charm even the coldest customer. He does great work and has a real knack for finding and catching critters. He's the 2nd best person in the world at locating and extracting dead animals.  Ben excels at rat control in attics, as well as general critter trapping.  He's also an expert at attic cleanup and animal waste control.  Ben is neat and clean, and cannot be found with a speck of dirt on his hands or clothes - except when he gets out from under your house or attic, that is!  Ben also cheers for the rootin-tootin Fighting Irish!

David: I only do websites now.  I graduated with a degree from The University of Notre Dame in 1999. I spent some time working in financial services and software development before I decided for sure that a desk job was not for me. I've always enjoyed nature and wildlife, and have been catching small animals like snakes and frogs ever since I was about three years old. Although I enjoy fishing, I've never gone hunting. I've always been passionate about entomology, reptiles, wildlife, and biology. When I learned about the field of nuisance wildlife control, I decided that this was the job for me. I began an apprenticeship with a good friend of mine, Philip Nichols, in order to learn the art of nuisance wildlife control. I worked with Phil for nearly two years before I struck it out on my own. I now operate a sole proprietorship here in Orlando. I think that nuisance wildlife control is a swell job! For an awesome layout of hundreds of wildlife jobs I've done, click on my career.

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Our NWCO (Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator) Philosophy:
  • We understand that most people appreciate wildlife, just not in their homes.
  • We aim to inform and educate people about Florida's wildlife.
  • We offer complete services. Not just trapping, but damage repairs, exclusion barriers, biohazard cleanup, and more. I make sure the job is done correctly from start to finish.
  • We treat people with friendliness, courtesy, and respect.
  • We also treat animals with respect. We aim to be as humane as possible.

We understand that while most people enjoy wildlife, they enjoy it in the wild, not in their own home. Many animals are fascinating creatures, and each has its own part on this planet, but unfortunately, there is only so much space. As the number of people continues to grow, and as people continue to spread into our remaining wild areas, animals have no choice but to adapt. This often means that they choose human dwellings as their living area of choice. If lack of space isn't enough, many animals find that human houses, with their sound construction, warmth, access to food, etc. are superior to wilderness habitat. For these reasons, human/animal conflicts are inevitable. We understand that people don't like sharing their homes with animals for a variety of reasons. Animals cause damage to our houses, they scratch and chew, cause fire hazards with their bedding material and by chewing on electrical wires, bring in a host of parasites and diseases that are transmissible to pets and humans. Animals also cause unsettling noise in a home. We find that most of my customers object to the noise, the destruction of property, and the droppings animals leave. I solve these problems and give customers peace of mind, as well as safety, while doing our best to respect nature as well.

Click on a thumbnail to look at and inside one of my trucks!

My 1st truck Look inside! Side toolbox New truck

  • I love running my own business

  • I love helping people

  • I love wildlife and the outdoors

  • I also love fishing!

If you need help outside of Central Florida, click on: Wildlife Operators, Wildlife Management, Wildlife Control, or Pest Wildlife. If you need Orlando Animal Removal Services, you're already in the right place. I have trained several friends in other parts of the state. Contact Mike in Tampa if you need service in the Tampa Bay area, contact Andrew in Jacksonville if you need help in Northeast FL, and call Patrick in Fort Lauderdale for service in the Southeast, including Boca Raton. Also, check out Seattle Pet Sitting.

My photo galleries: raccoon photos - opossum photos - snake photos - armadillo photos - squirrel photos - bat photos - bird photos - rat photos - dead animal photos - other wildlife photos - amphibian photos - insect photos - spider photos.