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Wildlife Removal Services, Jax: Our company is owned and operated by Andrew and Austin, two friends and wildlife specialists living in Jacksonville Florida. We specialize in the humane removal of unwanted wildlife from homes and property. We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Florida, and we service the greater Jacksonville area, including all of Duval County and Saint John's County, south to St. Augustine, north to Fernandia beach. We are available 24/7, and we take great pride in our work. We are true professionals and wildlife experts, and provide far more effective and affordable service than the undereducated employees of larger chains. Some of the primary services that we offer include:
  • Animal Capture and Removal
  • Preventative Treatments & Repairs
  • Dead Animal Removal & Deodorization
  • Attic Cleanup and Decontamination
  • Home and Building Inspections
  • Emergency 24 Hour 7 Day Service
  • Fully Florida Licensed & Insured
  • Residential & Commercial Service
Give us a call any time to discuss your critter problem, and we will give you a price quote over the phone and set an appointment, usually same-day or next-day. We look forward to hearing from you!

Animals In Attics: The most common type of wildlife problem we deal with is when wildlife take up residence in the attic of your home. You probably notice some noise up there at first, perhaps some scratching or scampering around, maybe some digging, or even chirps, growls, or other noises. Many types of critters move into the attics of buildings, from squirrels, to raccoons, opossums, rats, and more. We trap and remove all of the animals from the attic, find out how they got inside in the first place, and seal off all entry holes. This is our area of expertise, so if you have animals in your attic, give us a call!

Humane Wildlife Trapping: We care very much about the welfare of the animals we handle, and we never kill wildlife or cause it to suffer in any way. If you have a conflict with a wild animal, we humanely trap it in live cage traps, and relocate it far outside Jacksonville city limits at approved relocation points. Wildlife trapping is an art, and we have perfected our techniques over the years.

Damage Repairs: It's one thing to merely trap and remove animals, but it's another to solve the wildlife problem permanently. We find out the damage the animals have caused - from a raccoon tearing open a soffit or roof, to a squirrel chewing through a vent, we identify the points of animal damage and entry, and fix them, sealing them permanently with steel, to keep animals out for good.

Jacksonville Raccoon Control: Florida is full of raccoons, and Jacksonville is no exception. Raccoons typically break into the attic - often a female who's looking for a safe place to raise a family. Or they steal pet food, break into houses for food, poop in the pool, tip over the garbage cans, or get into other sorts of trouble. They are cute, but they are often a nuisance.

Jacksonville Squirrel Control: Squirrels most commonly cause a problem when they chew their way into your house or attic. You may hear them scurrying in your attic or storing nuts up there. Female squirrels raise two litters of young per year, one in early spring and one in early autumn, so they are always looking for a way into the attic, where they chew on wood and wires.

Jacksonville Rat Control: Florida is full of rats - Roof Rats to be specific, though some people in Jacksonville call them Citrus Rats. They are common carriers of disease, and they also chew on wires and contaminate the attic or wall spaces. Never use poison to kill rats, as this tactic never permanently solves the problem, and causes dead rat odors. Our method eliminates the rats from your building permanently, with guarantee.

Jacksonville Rodent Control: Rodents in Jacksonville include mice, rats, and squirrels. Other mammals, such as raccoons or opossums, are not technically rodents.

Jacksonville Bat Control: We are bat removal experts. Oftentimes a colony of bats will roost inside a building. Once established, the bats stay there forever. Two primary species of bats inhabit FL buildings - the Brazilian Free-Tail bat and the Evening Bat. Bats are protected by special laws, and cannot be removed from buildings during the summer maternity season months. Our special bat removal process ensures that all bats are removed from the building without harm, and that the building is 100% bat-proof sealed to prevent any bats from ever entering the building again.

Jacksonville Bird Control: When birds such as pigeons live in an attic or roost on a building, such as on signs, ledges, or beams, they create a big mess with their nesting material and most of all, their droppings. Our bird exclusion process prevents the birds from entering the building or roosting on the undesirable areas. We also clean up bird waste.

Jacksonville Opossum Control: Opossums are a common critter we control in Jacksonville. Possums often live under decks or sheds, or under the elevated homes in Florida. They also climb very well and often live in attics, especially in December and June. They often create a big mess inside houses, and often die inside or under buildings, causing a large odor. Our trapping and exclusion techniques solve opossum problems permanently.

Jacksonville Armadillo Control: Dillos are diggers, and often dig large burrows under or next to homes. If you see a large hole with a pile of dirt outside of it, or if you see a lot of little holes all over your yard or landscaping, you've probably got an armadillo problem.

Jacksonville Snake Control: We are familiar with all 44 species of snake in Florida, and all the snakes of Jacksonville. We are able to identify, and safely catch and remove snakes from yards, pools, inside homes, or anywhere else you find a snake. We also trap snakes and perform preventative measures.

Dead Animal Removal: Sometimes wildlife living inside attics or walls or under houses dies, and then when it decomposes, it causes a horrible smell inside the house. We are experts at finding and removing dead animals from inside homes or on the property. We will cut open the wall if we have to, and we perform odor relief services as well.

If you have any of the above problems or any other conflict or concern with Florida wildlife, give us a call at 904-677-5812. You can visit our website at www.jacksonville-animalcontrol.com We are happy to listen to your problem, give you a price quote for a solution, and schedule an appointment for same or next-day service. We operate in the greater Jacksonville area, and all of Duval and St. Johns Counties, from Saint Augustine, to Palm Valley, Orange Park, Neptune Beach, Nassauville, and more. You can email Wildlife Removal Services, Jax at: jaxwildlife@yahoo.com.