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Armadillo Extermination

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The term armadillo extermination isn't really a fair term. Armadillos aren't like insect pests, and they aren't really exterminated. An exterminator is someone who kills something, typically insect pests, often through the use of poison sprays. Armadillos are not dealt with in this manner. You wouldn't call an insect killing extermination company to take care of an armadillo problem. If you need armadillos taken off of your property because they are causing armadillo damage, you need a professional wildlife trapper to solve the issue.

This is a photo of an armadillo caught in a trap. It will be physically removed from the home it was caught at. This will stop the problems that the animal was causing on the property, problems such as digging up the lawn and the garden, creating many small conical holes in the yard, and even digging very large burrows, very big holes next to the home or under bushes or even under concrete slabs. Wildlife management and control is different from extermination, so if you want a pro to come and take care of your armadillo situation, call one of the experts listed.

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What Kind Of Poison Will Kill A Armadillo? Poison is a substance that is toxic to many different types of animals and much like any other animal armadillos are prone to suffering greatly if they consume a substance such as rat poison. There are also a number of other toxic substances and poisons that can seriously harm or kill an armadillo, and many of these will give the creature a lingering and painful death. Another problem with using such poisons to try and deal with an armadillo problem is that it is often much less practical than simpler techniques such as trapping and removal. One of the difficult things for those people who are trying to poison armadillos is that they generally only eat live prey, so getting them to consume the poison is quite difficult. Another problem is that poison can often take quite some time to kill the armadillo, meaning that it is difficult to deal with the carcass, and this can be a smelly problem if it dies under your shed or in a similar cavity. There are many different types of poison that will kill an armadillo if it consumes it, but it really isnít a good way to deal with the problem.

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