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Florida Snake Prevention Service Pricing:

If you have a persistent problem with snakes, or have been finding snakes repeatedly inside your home, I can provide you with snake prevention services. I modify the habitat and treat the area with a repellent in order to keep snakes from the area. If you have found a snake in your home, I will identify and eliminate the point(s) of entry. The price of this total treatment is $200.00 and includes the following:

  • Full property sweep and removal of any present snakes.
  • Full home search for any snakes inside the home.
  • Seal off any snake entry points into the home.
  • Set snake traps inside the home.
  • Habitat modification: eliminate areas that attract snakes.
  • Snake repellent application around perimeter of home/property.
  • Inform and educate homeowner about snakes, and how to identify the dangerous ones.
If you live outside of the greater Orlando area, these same fees apply, in addition to a time/travel expense fee of $1.00 per mile round trip from downtown Orlando.

Call 407-278-2705 if you wish to hire me to take care of your snake problem.

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