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Bat control job prices:

Bat exclusions jobs are special. There are few skilled nuisance wildlife control operators who can safely and properly eliminate a colony from a building. This is a specialty job, requiring a set of unique skills. Fees for bat colony exclusion jobs are higher than for other animals, because the job requires greater skill. Experience is very important when doing bat jobs, and AAAnimal Control has worked some of the toughest jobs in the county.

Each bat job is unique. Price depends upon a variety of factors, including, but not limited to:
  • Size of the building
  • Condition of the building
  • Amount of droppings
  • Difficulty of repairs or cleanup
  • Location of job
SMALL: The simplest bat colony job would be a small building, such as a personal residence, with a small colony of bats, perhaps of 50 members or less. The building is in good shape, and doesn't require a whole lot of sealing and repair. The droppings are minimal, and don't require an extensive cleaning solution. Total cost: $250.00-$500.00

MEDIUM: Some of the factors have gone up. The building may be larger, or older, or the colony larger, or a combination. For example, a larger house with a medium colony, perhaps of 200 members. There are several entry points, most likely due to architecture (such as a barrel tile roof), and repairs are thus more involved. Total cost: $500.00-$1500.00

LARGE: This typically involves a large or complex building or a very large colony. Examples could include large apartment or commercial buildings and large homes with tile roofs, or very large colonies, of several hundred or even thousands of members. In many large jobs the entry areas can be vast, and some or all of them difficult to reach. I have done work on shopping malls, churches, parking facilities, and of course houses/buildings with barrel tile roofs which have thousands of gaps. Total cost: $1500.00 on up.

An estimate of the final cost of the job will be provided upon inspection. The minimum inspection fee is $89.00. Please keep in mind that my prices are, on average, less than half that of the other companies that attempt to do this work, and that the quality of my work is second to none.

CONTAMINATION FROM BAT DROPPINGS: One of the most relevant problems associated with bat infestation is the presence and buildup of guano, or bat droppings. In many smaller jobs, the droppings are few, and oftentimes the architecture is such that most of the droppings have tumbled out of an open end of a roof. If the bats have left a fair amount of droppings that have accumulated in the structure, you will probably want decontamination services. In some cases, in which a very large colony of bats have inhabited a structure over a long period of time, the buildup of droppings can be severe, and the cleanup is a very involved and costly process.

Yes, I am willing to service customers all over the state of Florida, but extra travel fees will apply. A travel fee of $1.00/mile round-trip will be charged to travel outside of the Greater Orlando area, and I will typically only travel for large jobs. Please remember that even with travel costs included, my final cost is usually far less than that charged by other, local companies, and the quality of work will be higher, unquestionably.

The price for removal of a single transient bat that has entered the house: $89.00 - $219.00

Call 407-278-2705 to discuss your bat problem, receive a preliminary ballpark estimate, and schedule an inspection.

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