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Prices for outside of Greater Orlando

AAAnimal Control is based out of downtown Orlando. I consider the area of about a 20 mile radius my service range. At the edge of my range are Kissimmee to the south, Sanford to the north, Winter Garden to the west, and Bithlo to the east.

If you live outside of the Orlando area, I can help you, but the cost will be high, and you must be serious about paying a true professional to get the job done right. I have done jobs in Tampa, Sarasota, Miami, Jacksonville, etc. Most of these jobs are bat removal jobs, often for commercial clients or wealthy homeowners (usually with bats in a barrel tile roof). If you have such a case, and wish to hire one of the state's top experts to get the job done right, please be prepared to pay $1000 or more for my services. Bear in mind that this price will still be lower than many local companies you might find, and that the quality of work will be second to none.

A travel fee of $1.00 per mile based on round trip will be added to each service call. For example, if you want me to travel to Tampa, at 86 miles away, a $172 travel fee per trip will be assessed for travel time alone.

In addition, most residential calls outside of my service range are billed on an hourly basis instead of per job/animal basis. The rate is $125 per hour (one hour minimum).

All trips outside Orlando payable per trip. It is difficult to leave Orlando, because I am so busy here. Traveling requires a time commitment, which means loss of flexibility and lost jobs here in Orlando. I can do perhaps 3-5 service calls in Orlando during the time it takes me to do one job far away. Thus, I don't take traveling lightly.

However, I do believe that I provide a unique service, of quality far superior to most other services. Thus, if you desire that I make a trip to your town, I will happily do it - just be aware that the prices will be higher than those I charge here in Orlando.

Commercial Clients: Many of the jobs that I travel long distances for are performed for commercial clients, and usually large bat jobs. If you have such a case, I can deliver a traditional job proposal for your review. However, due to the time and effort of driving to the site, investigating, and drawing up a work proposal to send to you, an inspection fee will apply, at the rates listed above, and fully deductible from the cost of the project should the proposal be accepted.