Raccoon in the attic - How to get raccoons out of the attic

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This was one of my very first wildlife jobs, a litter of baby raccoons in the attic. No matter how hard they are to find and reach, I'll locate, capture, and remove baby raccoons from your attic.

Look carefully in the corner, and you will see one of
the baby raccoons.

It's hard, sweaty work up in the attic, but this noisy
little guy won't bother the homeowner any more.

Here's the above raccoon's three siblings. I'll find a
good home for all four at an Orlando area nature preserve.

It's not easy to get raccoons out of the attic like this, but it must be done. Some companies simply set traps on the ground or roof, catch the mom (who is either nursing or always looking for food for the young) and they leave the young alone in the attic to suffer and die. That is terrible. I do many jobs in which other companies charge a fortune to be lazy and just catch the mom, and then I'm called in to do the real tough work, crawling in the attic to find and remove the babies. Please be sure that no matter who you hire, that you make sure that they remove baby raccoons from the attic. Otherwise they are inhumane, and they will leave you with quite an unpleasant odor to deal with.

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Hi David, I called a local wildlife control company to come out and help me with a raccoon problem in my attic. We've lived in this house for a little over two years and the house is about fifty years old. From what our neighbors have told us, the family that lived here before the previous owner used to let a raccoon have babies in the attic every spring and never did anything about it. The previous owner, who flipped the house, had caught a raccoon (we are assuming the same one) and that raccoon had busted out of the trap. We also found out that the year we did not have problems in our home, one of our neighbors had a raccoon with babies be removed from her attic. It all sounds like this is the same raccoon, but we do recognize that it might not be. This past week we have since heard a raccoon in our attic once again, as the company we used last year failed to produce any results. My question is: is it wrong to ask these companies to be more aggressive in their approach? I worry that with the erratic hours I've been hearing this raccoon that she will be giving birth soon, but the companies I've talked to just want to wait and see what happens with the trap. I'd be happy to pay for someone to remove her just for the peace of mind and because I'm sure that's where this is headed if she isn't caught before having babies. What do you think? Thank you for any assistance! Best Regards, Marissa

My response: If you go in the attic and grab the babies by hand and use them as bait, you'll have no problem catching the mother.

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