Remove Bats from Barrel Tile Roofs

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Here in Florida, many of the homes and buildings have tile roofs. A very common type is the Spanish tile, or barrel tile, which is the curved design. To many people, these roofs look charming, authentic, and beautiful. To many bats, these roofs also look charming and beautiful - to make their home in. Barrel tile roofs are very vulnerable to bat colony infestation. Bats like to cram themselves into tight nooks and crannies to roost in. They like to live high up, where they can swoop in and out of their home. They also like high temperatures. Tile roofs provide all of the living requirements that bats need.

Removing bats from a tile roof is very challenging. This is because these roofs literally have thousands of gaps through which the bats can enter and exit. In order to solve a bat problem, every single bat entry point must be permanently sealed, (after the bats are all safely evicted, that is) keeping issues such as ventilation and water drainage in mind. Bat control for barrel tile roofs is not easy, but it is something that we specialize in.

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