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How to Trap Bats - Bat Trapping

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There is really no such thing as professional bat trapping, and bat traps, though they do exist (there's a sucker born every minute), are a terrible option for controlling and removing bat populations. A professional would never actually trap bats. It just doesn't work, it can be inhumane, or worse - illegal. Many people don't feel satisfied unless they see an animal hauled away in a trap. If you have a bat problem, please shed that mentality now. Bat trapping is ridiculous. First of all, it's unnecessary. A true bat professional will completely solve your bat problem 100% correctly without trapping or harming any of the bats. The bats should not be trapped, they should be excluded. That is, they should be evicted from the attic or structure or building - allowed to fly out, but never fly back in. Second of all, bat trapping is inhumane. Bats are small and fragile creatures, and they have high metabolisms. If bats are trapped in a cage or box of some sort, they stand a chance of quickly starving or dehydrating, or if left in the sun dying of heat stroke and exhaustion. Bat traps are condemned by BCI (Bat Conservation International) and anyone with a shred of common sense. Third of all, bats can't be relocated like other animals can. They can fly, and fast. They will migrate right back to their original home. You may think it can't be done, but many flying animals possess this ability. In studies, bats relocated as far as 500 miles found their way back to their original home in weeks or even days. Some companies claim to relocate bats across the state -first of all, not far enough, and second of all, they're liars, I've seen it first hand. Look. Bat control is possible, and there are hundreds of excellent bat control experts in the country. Professionals who can do the job right, and who do not practice bat trapping.

Look here. In these cases, bats are not being trapped. See how they are flying safely out of the bottom of these nets? These are just two simple and incomplete examples, but they demonstrate how bats can be evicted without being physically restrained in a trap. Even if you do have a bat trap, I can tell you right now that an amateur (and anyone equipped with a bat trap would be an amateur) will not solve 90% of the actual bat problems out there. Bat control is difficult and detail oriented work. Please do not use bat traps or hire anyone who uses bat trapping as part of their bat management program. Get the job done correctly, legally, safely, and effectively.

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