How To Get Rid of Bats in Florida

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This description of a bat job gives you a general idea of what I do. It is
not meant as an instructional guide, as many important details are left out.
Bat control work is extremely detail oriented, and it requires an expert.
Only a licensed bat removal expert should attempt bat colony exclusion.
Novices are not aware of the biohazardous risks, or of laws regarding bat
protection. Experience is vital, more than in any other wildlife control area.

A colony of hundreds of bats was living in the attic of this shopping plaza.
They were also living under the Spanish tiles. They were a nuisance to the
building. Swarms of bats kept the stores from staying open until evening.
Droppings befouled the parking lot and ceilings. The smell was unpleasant,
and worse, the bats posed a serious biohazard. Some customers who were
aware of the bat problem avoided shopping there. The colony needed to be

Droppings tumbled out of the roof and onto the sidewalk, and even onto
customer cars.

Occasionally, a dead bat was found near the building.

Droppings leaked through the ceiling.

The attic was contaminated with droppings as much as six inches deep.

One part of the job involves installing exclusion material over the entire roof.

At dusk, the bats start to come out. It starts as a trickle...

...until there are hundreds of bats streaming out.

After they are gone, it is time to clean up the attic. This powerful vacuum
does the job, and 40 feet of hosing ensures that I can reach every nook and
cranny. I leave the vacuum outside, so that harmful fungal spores from the
droppings are not discharged out of the vacuum into the building.

Here is one tankful of guano (12 gallons). Time to empty the tank and get
back to vacuuming!

After all of the droppings are vacuumed out, it's time to decontaminate,
both in the attic, and outside, at the entry points (as seen here).

Of course, even though proper knowledge of bat behavior and biology is
necessary to ensure a perfect 100% successful bat colony exclusion, oftentimes
the real challenge in the process is not getting rid of the bats at first,
but making sure that none can get back in during the process or especially,
after. A good bat control company will offer a written guarantee of its
work. A legal company will make sure that no bats are killed in the process.

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