Professional Bat Control for Apartments & Commercial Buildings

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Operated by David Seerveld, AAAnimal Control of Orlando Florida specializes in bat control for apartments and commercial buildings in Florida. I am one of the few BCI (Bat Conservation International) certified bat specialists in the state, and I know that my bat control work is second to none. I've worked on many complex and large commercial buildings throughout the state, including apartments, resorts, warehouses, and shopping complexes. Remember, there is no such thing as a bat extermination company. Bats are not bugs! They are very valuable mammals, and they reproduce very slowly (only one young per year). They should not - and it is illegal to do so - be treated with any chemical agents. If someone kills a colony of bats, they are not only breaking the law, they are just creating another problem - the odor of hundreds of dead rotting bats, and the biohazard that comes with it. Bats cannot be captured and relocated. Studies have proven that even if bats are relocated up to 400 miles away, they will return to the site of capture. The proper way to take care of the bat problem is to exclude them from the building: allow them to safely exit as they normally do at night, and not allow them to fly back in. Please call me at 407-278-2705 to discuss your bat problem - and get it taken care of correctly!

Here we see some droppings accumulating on the roof below a 3rd floor gable at an apartment building. A colony of perhaps 500 free-tailed bats was living in the gap behind the fascia board and into the roof.

Here is a photo of my bat exclusion work, high up on a ladder, at this apartment complex. Note the species, the most common in Florida - Mexican (or Brazilian) Free-Tailed bats. Within days, all of the bats are permanently evicted from the building, none are killed, and none are able to re-enter. The problem is taken care of the proper way. I clean up the droppings, and the job is complete.

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