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If your home or business is afflicted with nuisance birds, your best bet to take care of the problem permanently is to hire a competent bird control and removal company. A company trained in getting rid of birds, and all of the methods and techniques used for bird control will be able to do a good job at eliminating your commercial bird problem once and for all.

The below photos depict a simple example of a commercial bird control problem - pigeons roosting on steel beams in a public setting. In this particular case, the best option was to install steel needle strips on the roosting areas, in order to prevent birds from landing on the steel beams. In some cases, shock tracks work out well, and in other cases, netting can prevent birds from accessing the roosting area.

Pigeons On The Store Sign - Certainly, pigeons do not look like frightening birds, and they won?t attack you. But they will leave tons of waste that presents dangers to your health. There is a lot of property damage that these otherwise small birds can lead to as well. Their droppings for instance, are very acidic, and can lead to the quick degradation of paint and other materials. If you happen to notice pigeons on the store sign, then you are right if you?re thinking they can cause a lot of trouble. Not only that, pigeons will turn your beautiful store sign into a mess in only one week but they will also make it hard for you to remedy the situation since they like to come back to the same place to roost.

If you want to remove pigeons on the store sign, you will have to put all your imagination at work. Skip the so called repellants: they are either inefficient or need to be changed up and reapplied to be of any use. People may not want to visit your store, if they see pigeon droppings everywhere. Also, poisoning will not do much good, since the dead birds can be a danger to other animals in nature. You may consider installing some pigeon needles and spikes on your store sign, if you want to prevent them from sitting on it again. Often this or shock track will be your best bet.

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