Should you kill pest pigeons with poison?

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You don't need to kill birds. Bird problems can be handled through prevention techniques, such as restricting access to roosting areas.

Effective bird prevention relies upon methods meant to simply prevent birds from roosting in the affected areas - basically, physical barriers. Some examples of the barriers used to keep out birds include large and elaborate netting systems that prevent birds from flying to, and landing on, affected areas. Other good physical deterrents include needle strips, which are tracks covered with sharp spikes that will prevent birds from landing on the surfaces covered with such a product. Shock tracks are also available, and they deliver an electrical jolt when the bird attempts to land on the roosting surface. These products and methods will work, but it's not the kind of thing that an amateur can install. Oftentimes it takes a professional company to do the job correctly.

Using Pigeon Poison Is Not The Best Method Of Control - Any individual considering using pigeon poison to deal with an infestation of these nuisance birds should be aware of the problems that may result from this method of pigeon control. Using any kind of poison is always risky ? there is a danger that domestic pets can ingest the poison and, if targeting birds, songbirds may consume any poisoned bait intended for pigeons. There is also the problem of poisoned carcasses ? when eaten by other animals, or even humans, the residual poison may well have a detrimental, even fatal, effect on health. It may seem that using poison is a quick, easy, and economical solution to a pigeon infestation ? in reality, it may well cause you many more problems. It should also be noted that the use of poison is illegal in many areas.

It is true to say that a pigeon infestation needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently ? pigeons cause large amounts of unsightly mess, may damage buildings, create a great deal of noise, and ultimately may be very expensive. The best methods of controlling any pigeon population are the use of bird nets and/or bird spikes. These methods will restrict access for the birds as well as making their roosting sites uncomfortable and unpleasant to use.

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