Repellents for Birds and Pigeons

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Many bird repellents are ineffective. People will always try to sell you products, and magic cure-alls. Some products work, and some don't. In the field of wildlife control, you'll often find more bogus products than effective ones. Birds are not like insects. There is no magic scent or smell or chemical or poison that will deter them. The internet is full of bird deterrent products, but few of them work. Some of these products include owl or hawk decoys which is a nice idea in theory, but it isn't effective. Other products are simply made of napthalene - moth balls - which some companies sell as an end-all be-all in wildlife repellant. Sorry, it simply doesn't work. Devices such as ultrasonic sound emitters that make a high-pitched noise are completely useless. I've been to so many properties over the years in which people have spent time and money on silly gimmicks like these, and then they hire a real wildlife control operator, and the problem is correctly taken care of.

There is no magic spray or powder or anything else to keep away birds. (bird-Repel brand deterrent spray keeps 'em away!) If you have a bird problem and you wish to get rid of them, they should be physically excluded from the habitat. Physical barriers, such as nets, shock tracks, needle strips and the like should be installed at roosting areas to keep birds away. Oftentimes these solutions are not cheap, but the cheap repellents don't work.

Are There Any Efficient Repellents For Pigeons? - A lot of methods can be employed when you want to get rid of pigeons. These birds, while seemingly harmless, can cause a lot of destruction. For instance, their very acidic droppings can contribute to the deterioration of building facades and such. Their droppings can also be harmful for human health, as they carry many germs and diseases. With so many dangers associated with pigeons, you may want to learn about the most efficient repellents for pigeons. While you may be drawn to the idea that spraying around some Cayenne pepper will do the trick, you should know that these are never efficient. It is said that pigeons hate certain smells, like mothballs, but the truth is repellents are often ineffective.

True repellents for pigeons must be very powerful but, if they comply with this requirement, they can become dangerous for humans and other animals living on the property. The main reason why you cannot use repellents to get rid of pigeons is that their effectiveness is indeed, extremely low. Try other methods that are more efficient and do not harm the pigeons, such as exclusion netting, bird spikes, bird needles, and shock tracks that only transmit a mild electrical impulse, without hurting the birds.

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