Animal Fell Down My Chimney

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Squirrels oftentimes fall down chimneys, as do raccoons or rats. If the chimney is masonry or brick, it can easily climb out, if not choose the chimney as its home. However, here in Florida most people seem to have round metal chimney flus. When squirrels fall down these, they cannot get out. If the squirrel falls down the main flu, I can catch it with a special net. However, in this case pictured below, a squirrel fell down the chimney and was heard making noise above the fireplace. When the damper was opened, there was no squirrel. An investigation on the roof revealed that this round metal chimney has an inner and outer flu, and that the squirrel must have fallen down in between the two.

The chimney cap only covers the inner flu, leaving the outer "firewall" flu exposed, and a squirrel fell down.

I lower a thick end-weighted rope down the outer flu, allowing the squirrel to climb out.

After it climbed out, I installed this steel mesh to prevent this from happening again. Do You Have Squirrel Problems In The Chimney - Squirrel problems in the chimney are notorious in the USA. Our country is home to a number of tree and ground squirrels, which represent continuing problems for homeowners. While wildlife should be protected and preserved, squirrels often pose serious problems and disturbances for homeowners. They are simultaneously wanted and unwanted.

Squirrels are on the constant search for food. Their ability to easily adapt to human-altered environments means that any food within their reach is easily obtained. They have an acute sense of smell and like to dig, so a bird feeder and a garden are their most frequent targets. The best long-term solution is to create an environment in and outside your home that will not attract squirrels. Squirrels are quite the acrobats. They can easily climb to the top of your roof and enter your home through the chimney. The installation of a chimney cap will prevent easy access. Some squirrels are tree dwellers. Thus, it is a good idea to maintain tree and shrub branches approximately 10 feet away from the rooftops, since squirrels can easily leap from the tree or shrub branch to the roof. If squirrels do happen to enter your attic, it is best to solve the problem before they multiply and foster a hazardous living situation for you.

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