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Dead Raccoon In House - Removal

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I went to a house that smelled like the end of the world. It was uninhabitable. The owners were staying at a relative's house. I knew the culprit was a dead animal, but despite an extensive search in the tight, hot, reeking attic, I could not find it. I finally realized that it was in the air conditioning unit in the house. I cut a hole in the unit and there found the rotting, maggot filled carcass. Even with the HEPA mask, the stench was beyond belief.

Here is the removal of the dead raccoon. It was much mushier than it looks.

Here it is in a bucket. The stench soon disappeared from the house.

Why was this raccoon in the air handler? It was a mother raccoon living in the attic of this house, and it had babies. It was travelling through the attic in the network of air ducts. It had torn many of the ducts open. I don't know why it bothered to travel in the ducts, but it did. Then one day it climbed down the center duct, and into the air handler itself. There, it got electrocuted and died. The location of this animal, and its size and state of decay meant that the odor inside the home was the strongest and worst odor I've ever smelled from a dead animal. For more info, go back to my main dead animal removal page.