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Removal of a Dead Dog From Under a House

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The customer complained of a smell under his house. The smell was bad. It smelled stronger than the
normal dead animal under the house. Luckily, this animal was not terribly hard to find. I crawled under
there and was greeted by this.

I had fun pulling it out.

Its smell was worse than its bite.

I had to triple bag this beast in huge yard waste collection bags, then bring it to the incinerator. It weighed about a hundred pounds. It turns out that a frustrated citizen in the neighborhood had poisoned the animal, because he thought it was a threat. This was not the right way to deal with the problem - the concerned person should have called the county animal control services, which often helps with cases of dangerous stray dogs. However, the county is often slow, unresponsive, or ineffective (not always, but sometimes), so I guess this person simply felt that he/she ought to take matters into her own hands. For more info, go back to my main dead animal removal page.