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A Dead Rat in the Kitchen Stove

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The kitchen was ground zero for a stench that made this home uninhabitable. After a bit of searching, I discovered a very large dead rat had climbed up inside the wiring behind the stove, chewed, and got electrocuted and died. Fried rat is not as tasty as it sounds.

When I pulled the stove out from the wall, this is what I saw.

I just unscrewed this back panel, and aha, there's the smelly dead rat!

Rats frequently enter kitchens in search of food. They most commonly crawl down the wall from the attic, and find their way out into the kitchen where the oven power supply is cut into the wall. From there, they commonly climb up the wires behind the stove and sometimes chew on the electrical wires and get shocked and die on the spot. I've removed many dead rodents, rats and mice from behind people's stoves. If you've got a bad smell in the kitchen, it might not be yo mama's cooking! For more info, go back to my main dead animal removal page.
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