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Dead Opossum Under Mobile Home, Inside Lining

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Yet another insane job. When the animal dies up inside the insulating lining, I know I'm in for a real treat of a job. The customer called claiming a dead animal under her trailer home. I figured that it might be easy - I figured wrong. If the animal is on the ground, it's not very hard. If the animal has crawled up inside the insulating lining, then is IS very hard. Very very super-duper hard.

Okay, this house had several metal jacks holding it up, and a lot of duct work. This meant that I had to squirm over and under duct work to get around, and I cut myself more than once on the metal jacks. I tried to use the flies as a clue to find the animal, but the were everywhere, and no help. If you think that it stinks worse where the animal is, you must realize that the smell is beyond putrid everywhere, and that it's hard to narrow down. Plus I'm wearing a HEPA mask. Because the flies were of no help this time, I had to do some exploratory surgery, cutting holes in the lining, sticking my head up in unimaginable eye burning stench, and searching. Of course, I got very muddy, got many flies in my eyes and spiders up my pants, and to top it off, I put a nail into my head.

After over an hour of pure pain, I finally found the spot. The hundreds of dumb flies were nowhere near this area, and a sniff inside the trailer home didn't help any. I cut out the dead opossum. This photo doesn't manage to capture the juices that spill on me.

Just for your viewing pleasure. Apparently some flies did in fact find the bullseye. So did I, and I can't believe I only charged $125 bucks for this job from hell. For more info, go back to my main dead animal removal page.