Squirrel in the attic - How to get squirrels out of the attic

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  • Trap and remove - effective over the short term, and necessary if squirrels have been sealed inside. To trap and remove, buy a squirrel sized cage trap, bait it properly, and set it in the attic at squirrel runways or outside on the roof near points of entry. If you use the wrong trap, wrong bait(s) or poor placement, you won't catch much.
  • One-way door - effective if properly installed and if there are no other ways for the squirrels to get back in. The door should be sturdy with a spring-loaded one-way mechanism.
  • Moth balls, ultrasonic sound emitters, strobe lights, sprays, etc - these won't help in the slightest. Many of the jobs I do are from homeowners who tried these techniques with no results.
  • The most important thing is to eliminate the entry points into the attic. Example:

    Exclusion Barrier Inside Gable Vent

    1) Squirrels were crawling in and out of this wide open attic vent.

    2) I cover the entire vent with heavy gauge wire and bolt it down tight.

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    How to Block Squirrels Out of the Attic - So you want to keep squirrels out of the attic? You are not alone. Thousands of home owners have the same problem every year in the country. Getting the squirrels out of such a place can be done but it is difficult without knowing what you are doing. One thing that may help is to drive the squirrels out - give them as little hiding places as possible and that is done by moving all about and cleaning the clutter that you may have up there. When you are cleaning be prepared because with the movement you may have a darting squirrel looking for an exit. If the squirrel did find the exit then you have already succeeded, all you need to do is pay attention where that exit was and plug it using tin foil or some other metal that the squirrel will not chew threw to get back in. If the squirrel is still in there then you will need to set traps to get rid of squirrel in attic. You should not bother looking for repellent because in most cases a repellent will not do the job. Traps on the other hand ensure that you will be removing the squirrel from your attic because once trapped you can remove them yourself.

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