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The opossums that we deal with here in North America are called Virginia Opossums. They exist throughout most of the United States. The are North America's only marsupial, which means that they carry their young in a pouch, where they grow and develop. Possum control usually consists of many tactics that are similar to the control tactics used for other wildlife. This includes eliminating food and shelter sources. Opossums are omnivores, and eat almost anything. This means that removing garbage and pet food from the premises is a good idea. If your property offers good shelter for opossums, eliminate those sources of shelter. Opossums love to live under sheds and decks. To stop them, install exclusion barriers around the perimeter of these structures. Opossums even like to live inside buildings and attics, so as with any animal that lives in buildings, all entry points must be identified and sealed shut.

If keeping away food and shelter sources isn't enough, and it often isn't, the opossums should be trapped and removed. Opossums are one of the easiest animals to trap in a cage trap, because they are, basically, dumb and hungry. They are often scavengers, and slow, dim-witted, and unaware. They will wander into a trap to get the food. Once trapped, they can be relocated or euthanized as law allows. Most home owners cannot legally do either or are aware of the laws. For many wildlife problems, it is best to hire a specialized wildlife trapping company to take care of the problem. To find such a company in your area, click the links to the nationwide referral listings.

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Possums in the backyard - Possums are known to be nomadic creatures that often move from place to place, enjoying life and never really staying in one place for two long. If you have noticed possums in the backyard, you will usually be safe enough as they have a tendency to move every couple of days, meaning that soon, they will just end up being someone else?s problem. That is, of course, unless they end up in your attic or elsewhere in your home.

It has been said that the possum actually helps to balance out the ecosystem around us, and although you may sniff at the very thought, they could be doing more good than harm in your backyard. Think of all the things they love to eat ? various insects, snails, cockroaches, snakes, mice and rats. All of these things, when left to their own devices, will wreak havoc in your home and garden so technically, the possums in the back yard are actually keeping them in check.

The possum is an animal that should be loved and hated, both at the same time. All the time the creature is in your backyard, it is wise to relish their presence. However, should you spot the warning signs of having one of these creatures in your home, you should probably give the local wildlife guys a shout! One of the things that has been shown to have positive effects with those that have possums in their backyards, is to use a nest box to prevent them from entering the home, and to keep in the backyard where they will actually be doing some good.

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AAAnimal Control is a professional nuisance wildlife control company. It is my goal to provide information so that you can solve your possum problem in an effective and responsible manner. Wildlife services include animal trapping, capture & removal, plus animal damage repairs and preventative measures. You can always browse this site for more details and info about opossum removal. If you live elsewhere in the US and have found this site and need a local possum trapper in your area, click here for a nationwide list of 100's of professional opossum removal experts.

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