Opossums / Possums in the Attic

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Opossums commonly choose to live inside people's attics. This most commonly happens at two times of year. One of those times is during the winter, when they seek refuge from the cold. When this happens, it seems as though a group of adults usually lives together in an attic. I've caught up to four large adults inside one attic at one time. In fact, there's usually 3 or 4. The other time that possums live in an attic is when a mother opossum wants a safe place to raise her young. It's true that when they're tiny they live and grow in the pouch, but it always seems as though once June rolls around and the young are too large for the pouch, the mom takes them to a safer place, like an attic, and they all live together up there and go out at night to forage.

Here's a mother opossum in an attic. She had several young.

This opossum in the attic tried to hide down a crevice, but I found it.

Possums are great climbers. They can make their way up the walls or access the roof via downspouts or adjacent trees. If you see a opossum on the roof it is likely accessing your attic via open vents or open soffits or eave gaps.

If you are wondering how to get rid of opossums from an attic, it's the same as getting any animal out of an attic. They ALL must be trapped and removed, and ALL of the entry points must be identified and permanently sealed. You do not want to seal any opossums inside, because they are too dumb to find a way out, and they will die and cause a tremendous odor. It is not an easy job. How to get an opossum out of an attic? The best way, as is often the case with difficult wildlife issues, is to hire a professional, and MAKE SURE THE JOB IS DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Many jobs with opossums in the attic are challenging even for me. You have to know if young are present, and you have to trap and remove them all. And don't forget, opossums tend to leave a lot of waste behind in an attic, and that should be cleaned.

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How to get possums out of attic ? Choosing the right trap These days, possum traps are one of the most effective ways to remove the pesky critter from your home, especially in difficult to monitor areas such as the attic, and although the removal of the possum may be a bit of a struggle, if you stick with your mission, you will soon get the end result that you are looking for ? a possum free home!

Unfortunately, the possum has become somewhat acclimatized to living with humans especially in their houses, and this is what perhaps makes them incredibly difficult to remove from the property. Thankfully, with more traps on the market and more education and information on how to safely and effectively remove the creature, it is easier than ever to get rid of the pesky animal. Choosing the perfect trap is of course, very important to ensure that you get the job done properly, and there are a few tips that you are going to want to make note of:

*You are going to want a trap that is easy to use so you should do your research. Look online for information and you will soon see a pattern emerging.

*Choose a trap that will actually fit the animal. If you opt for a trap that is too big, it is going to be more hassle for you, and the possum could fight around. Again, if the trap is too small, there is a good chance that you are going to injure the animal.

*Make sure that you choose a trap that is going to be easy to bait. Again, if the trap is too small, the animal isn?t going to want to venture inside to get to the bait, and it might not even be obvious that there is actually food within it.

*Choose a trap that you are actually going to be able to lift and move later on. It is all very good and well picking a good, big trap, but if you are not able to lift it, the animal is going to die of starvation in the attic while you look for someone that will be able to remove it for you.

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