An Opossum Found Living Inside the Engine of a Car

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Imagine the surprise the owner of this car felt when his engine troubles turned out to be an opossum living inside the car! The stubborn animal remained inside long enough for me to come and photograph it and remove it. It favoured this corner of the car.

Opossums give a real menacing display of teeth, so I tried the same tactic against it, with little
success. The opossum didn't back down.

Here is the view I got. Lovely.

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Are opossums dangerous to people? When it comes to dealing with wild critters, such as the opossum, it pays to know exactly what kind of creature you are dealing with, especially when looking at removing them as a problem from your land or home. For most people, the opossum is a scary creature with a set of claws that would rub anything to shreds, and fifty razor sharp teeth that would shred anything. However, once you look below the rather bizarre and frightening exterior, you realize you have an animal that is just trying to survive, and this is what a lot of people tend to forget.

Playing dead is what a lot of opossums do when faced with a standoff against much bigger predators, such as the human. For some, this playing dead is just a myth, but in reality, this is something that naturally occurs and often works in our favor.

Now used as a phrase, playing dead is when the opossum temporarily paralyzes itself to confuse the opponent into thinking it has won, which for the most part, works as a form of self defense as the threat will usually get bored and moved along, or carry the animal to a different place, Studies have suggested that this action is actually out of the control of the opossum, and is something that brain triggers naturally when threat or fright is felt, and it can last from around a few minutes to a few hours.

When you come up against an opossum, you will usually find that this animal would much prefer to run away or play dead than fight back, which means in general, they aren?t really that dangerous. This is not a trusted way of looking at it, of course, and you should always be wary when dealing with any wild animal.

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