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Mickey Mouse in Trap Many people like to joke about how Orlando is invaded by a mouse - Mickey Mouse. Alas, they are wrong. Orlando is home to many mice and, real Orlando mice are much smaller and without big red pants, believe it or not.

Some people believe that mice are somehow cuter or cleaner or less offensive than rats. The truth is that rats and mice are very similar. They cause the same types of damage, and spread the same types of disease. The primary difference between the two is that mice are smaller and thus less noisy. Mice are also bolder, and will explore more, and can fit into tinier holes and gaps.

A female associate of mine saw me creating this web page with the photo to the right, and said, "THAT'S HORRIBLE!". I think it's funny, so it stays. The truth of course, is that snap traps such as the one seen catching old Mickey here are the most efficient and humane way to solve a mouse problem. Our mouse control method stops the mice from entering the home and breeding. We only actually have to kill a few, unlike the other pest control companies that use poison to kill mice. The much worse picture would be Mickey sick and in pain for days as the poison spreads. A snap trap is a quick and instant death. It's the best way to remove unwanted mice. For more information on mice, visit Orlando Mouse Control.

Orlando Mouse Control & Mice Removal: AAAnimal Control specializes in mouse removal in Orlando and central Florida. Although we deal with all kinds of wildlife, mice are often the most challenging animal that we deal with, due to their amazing climbing capacity and ability to squeeze through small openings. We are not like the other Orlando exterminators or exterminating companies. They want to sign you to a monthly contract - they don't want to permanently solve your mouse problem. They use poison to handle problems with mice and rats. POISON DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM! It only temporarily reduces the problem. New mice will always come in to replace the ones that have died, and not all of the mice will die anyway. And those that do will cause a huge stink in the attic, as they rot. And the mice that live will be more poison-resistant ones. Plus, the ones who die will die a far more inhumane death than by quick snap trap such as pictured here. The only way to keep the mice out of your home and attic PERMANENTLY is by finding and sealing (with steel) all of the entry points that mice use. This requires a lot of experience and rodent study. The rodent that we deal with most of the time here in Orlando are actually the Roof Rats, but mice do exist. They are amazing climbers, and they love to live in attics, walls and homes. Inspecting your home, finding all of the holes the mice use, sealing those holes up, and trapping and removing ALL of the mice, without leaving any dead odor-causing bodies behind, is what we specialize in. We will have your house or building mouse-free within about a week, and it will stay mouse-free forever. We give a guarantee on our work. Visit the Orlando Rat Control page for more information on our rodent control services.

Mouse and health effects on the human body - There are many complications that need to be considered when you find out there is a rodent infestation in your home. A mouse could mean certain health effects on the human body due to expose to feces and other excrement. This is not something to be ignored. Serious illnesses are carried by many wild animals, but rodents are one of the most toxic of all disease carriers. It is not that the mouse itself is dirty or unsanitary, but a number of diseases can harbor themselves in rodents without the animal being affected. This is what makes mice such an excellent venue for disease—the fact that the rodent can carry it, yet is unharmed. Few illnesses are as life-threatening as the deadly Hantavirus, a bacterial infection that spread through contact with mouse feces. Because of the issues pertaining to deadly infections, it is always advisable to wear protective gear when cleaning up rodent waste.

AAAnimal Control is a professional rodent control company. It is my goal to provide information so that you can solve your mouse or rat problem in an effective and responsible manner. You can always browse this site for more details and info about rat removal. If you live elsewhere in the US and have found this site and need a local trapper in your area, click here for a nationwide list of 100's of professional rat removal experts.

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