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Orlando Rodent Removal, Trapping, Control

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Orlando Rodent Information: There are three major rodent species here in Central Florida. The Roof Rat, the House Mouse, and the Eastern Gray Squirrel. Some people mistakenly call raccoons, opossums, and even bats rodents, but these animals all belong to different lines of the mammal family tree. Most of the time, when people discuss an Orlando rodent problem, they are talking about rats and mice. Of the two, rats are far more common in Florida. The Roof Rat, also known as the Black Rat, Ship Rat, or here in Florida, the Fruit Rat or Citrus Rat, is by far the most common rodent. Rodents are commonly associated with urban areas. They will go wherever they can find food and shelter, and that often includes buildings. They often survive best where people survive, and are thus called commensal rodents. Although they may look large, with bodies measuring 8 inches and tails 9 inches, they need only a tiny hole (the size of a quarter) or a 1/2 inch crack to fit through. It's amazing to see them squeeze through such small areas! Rodents will consume many different types of plant and animal foods such as fruit from your trees, insects, meat refuse, seed that has been spilled from bird feeders, pet food that has been left outdoors, and almost any food in your house. They also contaminate food with their urine and feces. Rodents are enormous carriers of many different diseases, and it has been reported that rats bite more than fifteen thousand people per year including the very young, old or incapacitated. Rats are primarily nocturnal, as are mice, whereas squirrels are active in the daytime. Even though they often live for less than a year, they can breed in large quantities and populations can get out of hand. For more information on mice, visit my Orlando Mouse Control website.

In the above photo, you can see my Orlando rodent control philosophy. I have been doing rodent control for six years, and I've seen dozens of failed attempts by homeowners and other companies. Many people look for a quick and easy fix at first, so they go to the local grocery store or Home Depot and buy rodent poison. Then they put the poison up in the attic. There are many forms - packets, such as seen above, blocks, sticks, pellets, liquid, and more. Most of the poisons consist of some sort of anticoagulant that causes internal bleeding and death. When a pest control company puts this poison in the attic, they tell this lie: "The rats get thirsty from the poison and go outside to drink and they die out there". LIE!!! They die randomly, wherever they happen to be at the time, and most of the time, it's in your attic or walls, where they live the majority of the day. When a rodent dies in your wall or attic, it causes a BIG ODOR PROBLEM. But worst of all, poison is a temporary fix. Yeah, it'll kill a few rodents (not all, by the way), and then new rodents will simply come in to replace the old ones, or even to eat the rotting rat carcasses. So you have to keep poisoning and poisoning, and you keep getting rat stink problems. Meanwhile, the problem is never solved, and you still have rat noises at night, and your electrical wires are at risk to chewing, your food may be invaded and contaminated at any time, and you are still at risk for rat diseases. Our Orlando rodent trapping method removes ALL of the rodents in the house, and we seal up every last possible open hole leading into your house, so that no more rodents can ever get in again. This is the only way to achieve a PERMANENT solution, and we guarantee our work.

AAAnimal Control specializes in rodent removal in Orlando and central Florida. Although we deal with all kinds of wildlife, rodents are often the most challenging animal that we deal with, due to their amazing climbing capacity and ability to squeeze through small openings. We are not like the other Orlando exterminators or exterminating companies. They want to sign you to a monthly contract - they don't want to permanently solve your problem. The only way to keep the rodents out of your home and attic for good is by finding and sealing (with steel) all of the entry points that rats use. This requires a lot of experience and rat study. The rats that we deal with 100% of the time here in Orlando are actually the Roof Rats. They like the sub-tropical environment, as opposed to the Norway Rats, which are more abundant up north. Roof Rats are amazing climbers, and they love to lie in attics. Inspecting your home, finding all of the holes the rats use, sealing those holes up, and trapping and removing ALL of the rats, without leaving any dead odor-causing bodies behind, is what we specialize in. Visit the Orlando Rat Control page for more information on our rodent control services. A friend of mine operates an Austin rodent control company in the Austin Texas area, if you need services there.